Professional Electricians in Walton, KY

Professional Electricians in Walton, KY

Walton, Kentucky has been a successful place to work, play, live, and explore for over 160 years. A rural area with a modern feel, this town sits close to the excitement of the large cities in the surrounding areas, while still feeling open and scenic. At Rose Brothers & Sons Inc., proudly serving Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, we want you to see why our trusted business is your best choice for a professional electrician in Walton, Kentucky.

History of Walton, Kentucky

As mentioned, Walton, Kentucky is a rural community situated right off of I-75. But even before I-75 was a thought, this town was the center of the railroad system that connected Georgetown to Cincinnati. As a very important shipping point in Boone County, which produced large amount of farm produce for the nation, Walton, Kentucky is steeped in rich Kentucky history. Originally a tobacco farming town, with livery stables and carriage builders as another large manufacturing area, the railroad soon took over and made the city really expand and come to life. Walton remained a midpoint for travel and transportation of goods throughout the World Wars, always aiding the efforts of the county. As the years passed and the city evolved, many schools and businesses were opened in the area, keeping the rural town modern and up to date, as it still is to this day.


Walton, Kentucky sits in the southeastern region of Boone County and also extends into the southwestern region of Kenton County. Still the middle of many travel routes, Route 25 runs directly through the middle of the city, and I-71 and I-75 split just a few miles away from the town. Walton, Kentucky features a relatively low population with only 3,927 residents in the large area of land that it encompasses. The total land area in Walton is 4.27 square miles, making the population density just over 800 residents per square mile. The median income for the area is right above $45,000, and of the 913 households in the city, 41% of them were families with children under the age of 18. Walton has a large park, Walton Community Park, that is maintained by the Boone County Parks Department. Walton is part of the Walton-Verona school district which expands the number of schools that are available in the area to schools not even technically located in Walton.

Why Choose Rose Brothers?

With our combined experiences, Rose Brothers & Sons has been serving Northern Kentucky for over 45 years. With Walton, Kentucky as our main business location, you can trust that Rose Brothers & Sons runs on the same family-owned and operated values that are seen throughout the entire town. Specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical construction, our team of experienced and certified professionals can help with any electrical job. We have maintained an NKEA license for over 20 years, and are fully covered through worker’s compensation to even further assure you of the standards that we strive for in our work. In addition, we are long-time members of Angie’s List, and have an A+ rating from the BBB, so you can feel comfortable knowing that our company will meet all of your standards for your project. If you are in need of professional electricians in Walton, Kentucky, call Rose Brothers & Sons Inc. today!