Professional Electricians in Verona, KY

Professional Electricians in Verona, KY

Verona is a small, easy-going town in Kentucky. Seeing very little growth over the years, Verona residents pride themselves on living in this community oriented city. At Rose Brothers & Sons Inc., proudly serving Northern, Kentucky and Cincinnati, we want you to see why our family owned and operated business is your best choice for a professional electrician in Verona, Kentucky.


Verona is located in Boone County. Bordered by I-71, the Gallatin County line, and the Grant County line, Verona is right in the middle of many converging areas. Verona’s population is only around 1,500 people. With a land area of 12.2 square miles, the population density is only around 120 people per square mile, 8% below the average of the state. Houses range in price in the area, anywhere between $30,000 all the way up to homes that cost $800,000+.

Community Driven

Verona is unique in that it has been incorporated with the Walton school system, making the area more accessible and familiar to other towns nearby. But even with this incorporation, small town is exactly the feeling that Verona gives off. With a very low population and miles and miles of land, this city feels huge with its rolling fields and small businesses. Because a sense of community is so important in this area, locally owned and operated businesses are standard. From restaurants like Verona Angilio’s Pizza and Hammy’s Carry Out, to the fully operating Vineyards that draw in a lot of business, this town is quaint and cozy. The Prickle Barn is another big draw for people, and the sight of many wedding events. Rising Star Designs and Marvelous Marketplace are two locally owned stores that also see a lot of business in the area.

Why Choose Rose Brothers?

Because community driven business is important to Verona, Rose Brothers & Sons Inc. is an excellent choice to keep this idea alive. With our combined experiences and knowledge of the area, Rose Brothers & Sons has been serving Northern Kentucky for over 45 years. Located in Walton, Kentucky, a very short drive from Verona, Rose Brothers & Sons Inc. is your best choice for all your electrician and construction needs.  As a locally owned and Kentucky operated business, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical construction, our team of experienced and certified professionals can help with any electrical job. We have maintained an NKEA license for over 20 years, and are fully covered through Workmen’s Compensation to even further assure you of the standards that we strive for in our work. In addition, we are long-time members of Angie’s List, and have an A+ rating from the BBB, so you can feel comfortable knowing that our company will meet all of your standards for your project. If you are in need of professional electricians in Verona, Kentucky, Rose Brothers & Sons Inc., your neighbors in Walton, are only a call away.