Smoke Detectors for Your Home

Smoke detectors are an important way to ensure your home stays safe from unintended fires. These safety products can reduce bodily and property harm from fires in your home. With added features like LED screens that display the PPM of the air, your home is able to be safer than ever.

While you can get an alarm that runs on battery power, it is often a good idea to get an alarm that is hardwired into your home’s electric grid. This means that the detector is hardwired into your home, and needs less batteries changed. You can also request a smoke alarm that operates on a combination of battery power and power from your house. This way your smoke detector can run on battery power when or if your power were to go out, making these very handy in an emergency backup power. And an early warning is incredibly important, when you want to ensure the safety of your family and your home. Our team is able to install both types of fire alarms.

There two types of sensors that help detect fires quickly. Photoelectric smoke alarms are considered the best at detecting smoldering, slow-burning fires, and ionization smoke alarms detect sudden, fast fires. It is recommended that you purchase an alarm with a combination of both sensors. There are also differences in the types of alarms that sound when the sensor is activated. Some have a light that flash and some have one stable flash.

Some smoke detectors are able to be interconnected with your smart home system. This means that you are able to have precise control over your smoke detector from your mobile phone through the app or through voice systems like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. With an easy press of a button, you can receive updates on the status of your devices and alerts about any issues that might arise with your smart smoke detector.

You can get a combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector to help protect your home if you have an attached garage for your auto. The sensor will go off when the air particles reach a certain saturation in the air. If you have a series of smart smoke detector systems, you can better find the source of the issue.

Popular smoke detector brands include Honeywell, kiddie, First Alert, and Nest smoke detectors. Early detection and warning of smoke and possible fires is very important because you have more time to address the issue and protect your home and family. Some folks may choose to DIY their installation of a new smoke detection system. With Rose Brothers and Sons professional installation, you can be sure your smoke detection is done right and will work correctly from the start. Homes are safer with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

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