Security Lighting for Homes and Businesses

When it comes to investing in lights for your home or business, you’ll get more bang for your buck with different types of lighting. In particular, getting quality security lighting for homes and businesses is well worth it. After all, safety and security are priceless, so doing what you can to improve the security of your home or business will always be a good move.

What is Security Lighting?

Security lighting is a type of exterior lighting that strategically illuminates specific areas, whether it’s the space by your doors or near a security camera. The purpose of security lighting is to deter intruders, who generally prefer to not be seen when committing crimes. By thoughtfully setting up lights outside your place of business or your house, you can improve security. Security lighting comes in a variety of forms, each of which has its own benefits.

Timed Lights

A popular form of security lighting for businesses is times lights, which are meant to stay on at specific times of the day, most often after dusk. These types of lights can be set to illuminate either at a specific time or by using light sensors, which will automatically activate at a certain level of darkness.

Keeping your business lit at night is a good psychological defense against would-be thieves or vandals. For one, it gives off the perception that there may still be workers or guards in the building. Secondly, the presence of light automatically increases the chances of being seen by someone, which would defeat the advantage of trying to break in at night. Plus, this type of lighting allows you to create clearer images on your security cameras, which is another strong deterrent.

Motion-Activated Lights

A great type of security lighting for homes to have is motion-activated lighting. There are plenty of advantages of having motion-activated lights, including better energy efficiency. Instead of keeping a light on at all times, your motion-activated lights will only turn on when motion is detected outside your home on your deck or patio. Not only will this lower your energy bills, but it will also reduce the amount of light that can enter your home at night while you’re trying to sleep.

But another reason motion-activated lights work well for security lighting is that intruders are likely to panic and retreat when a light suddenly turns on while they’re up to no good.

Both motion-activated lights and timed lighting will be effective in some cases for homes and businesses alike as well. Adding landscaping lighting to homes can often serve to both improve aesthetics and add more security.

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