Professional Electricians in Park Hills, KY

Professional Electricians in Park Hills, KY

Amongst the rolling hills in Northern Kentucky lies the city of Park Hills. Park Hills is a home rule-class city located in Kenton County but is most commonly known for its proximity to Cincinnati, Ohio. As a suburb of the larger city of Cincinnati, Park Hills has the unique experience of reaping the advantages of both a smaller residential community and the city life. With this beneficial placement and all that Park Hills has to offer, it is no surprise that it was named the best place to live in the Northern Kentucky area by Cincinnati Magazine.


The town’s most recent census showed that the population was close to 3,000 people but that number is growing based upon the label of Park Hills as a greatly kept secret. Park Hills is quite literally filled with history that makes the city what it is today. It was settled in 1845 and stayed rather small until the area was further developed in 1926. Most of this area has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is now known as the Park Hills Historic District. Park Hills was initially dismissed after it was founded because the land was considered inadequate for farming and building homes. The only building that was noteworthy was the Stonewall House that served as a stop for travelers.

After its neighboring cities were founded, Park Hills expanded to the point that its founders considered it “the most beautiful subdivision property in the country.” Later in the 1930s, The Gourmet Strip was established that led to large commercial developments. There was an extensive route of trolley cars that ran throughout Park Hills and to other Northern Kentucky cities. Afterwards, the Kentucky Car was a party car that was rented for grand events in order to transport guests in style. It can still be seen, along with these other elements of history, in the town’s museum.

Two of the most prized high schools in the state are located in the same district as Park Hills, making it a city that excels in education. These schools, Covington Catholic and Notre Dame Academy, are notable for their academic curriculum and standards in athletics. This is just one example of the pride that residents of Park Hill have for their community, all of which is evident in how members and volunteers spend their time maintaining the landscape and attractions of Park Hills. Some of the city’s traditions include carriage rides during Christmas, a roast for Halloween, Easter Egg hunts, and a parade for Memorial Day.

Even more recently, Park Hills was named one of Cincinnati Magazine’s 10 Great Little Neighborhoods and frequently titled one of Northern Kentucky’s hidden gems. Another hidden gem nestled amongst Northern Kentucky is Rose Brothers & Sons Electric. We are a family owned business built upon hard work and honesty, it is easily one of the most trusted professional electricians in Park Hills, Kentucky. We are located in Walton, Kentucky and serve the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas.