Outdoor Outlets and Faucets

Outdoor Outlets & Faucets 101

Outdoor electrical outlets have now become a customary element in any house. Same applies for the outdoor faucet too. Certain things such as safety features are often neglected and not considered in standard outlets. These features do not arise in homeowner’s mind. So, if you wish to avert any disaster in your home, it is very important to be informed regarding dangers that can arise and also how ideal outdoor outlets and faucets can play an important role here. Moreover, you must know what sort of precautions you need to take to safeguard yourself from personal damage and home dent before any disaster strikes.

Outdoor Electrical Outlets—An Intro

The introduction of GFCI outlet or ground fault circuit interrupter is the only reason why outdoor outlets are secure. GFCI outlet splits the electric current whilst electricity seeps into ground (in most cases, electricity runs through you). Whenever while working around hot tubs, pools & puddles or in wet atmosphere outside, you might have often experienced mild electric shocks from ground but you never experience this while being served well at your neighborhood barbeque. And the only difference here is installation of GFCI outlet. Call the cavalry and get the work done quickly in case there is no GFCI unit installed for all outdoor electrical outlets.

Other Safety Precautions

Apart from ensuring whether GFCI units are installed in all the outdoor electrical outlets, you must also buy some good covers which protect the outlet units from water contact, even though power tools as well as appliances are plugged up. Also, you need to refrain from working outdoors with all the electrically powered instruments and equipments when the atmosphere is wet outside. By simply adhering to these advices you can drastically lower the chances of inflicting any electrical related damage.

Tips for Outdoor Faucet

Outdoor faucet may not cause much damage to you but can greatly damage your home. If you are interested in other outdoor equipment such as knives then you may want to visit outdoorempire tactical knife reviews after reading this article.
Rapid changes in the temperature causes the older faucets to freeze, thereby bursting the pipes which in turn can create havoc in the basement as well as in crawlspace. To prevent this damage, you need to install outdoor faucets that are frost proof. You may want to find a professional plumber from somewhere like Fix It Right Plumbing to do this. Faucets like these prevent your pipes from bursting during various fronts. Firstly, majority of such faucets have built in anti-siphon sill cock which avoids freezing. They get attached to the home’s plumbing well inside the structure, which helps in eliminating any chance that iced water would expand at any joints, where usually damages in pipe occurs.

Install Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Other Tips

The best way to safeguard your home is to install a frost proof faucet; however certain common sense assessment will assist you to prevent any major plumbing disaster. If you need some help with plumbing, get a reliable plumber to come out from a company like If there is a predication of hard frost in your area then unhook all the hoses before freezing strikes. Hoses stop the water from draining completely due to which water in pipes to do its damaging work. Fix and shut all the faucets tightly before cold wave sets in for the similar reason.

Contact an Expert

GFCI units & frost proof faucets work best only when installed properly. If they are incorrectly set, it will only provide you with a false sense of safety and it can be also bigger safety risk to individuals thinking that they and your house are protected. Call and speak to an expert certified electrician or plumber to ensure whether your GFCI’s as well as frost proof faucets are installed properly. These measures will not allow you to re-think twice concerning your protection or the integrity of your house.