Importance of Smoke Detectors

While many people typically only pay attention to their smoke detectors when they get annoyed at them for going off when they are trying to cook, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of smoke detectors. In particular, you won’t want to just pick any electrician to install smoke detectors in your home or business. Since properly installed smoke detectors save many lives every year, you want the right people on the job.

What are Smoke Detectors and How do They Work?

Smoke detectors are small devices discretely placed in structures that provide alerts in the event of a fire or possible fire. You could easily be forgiven for not knowing how smoke detectors work since you probably only pay attention to them if the battery is low or if you baked some potatoes for too long.

There are two common types of smoke detectors that are often installed in homes or businesses. An ionization smoke detector actually contains a small amount of radioactive material inside a chamber, which creates an ionized airflow between two plates. Since the level of radiation is minuscule, there’s nothing to worry about with this type of smoke detector.

In fact, ionization smoke detectors are highly effective at warming people of quickly spreading fires. When smoke enters the chamber, it will disrupt the small ionization flow, causing the device to sound an alarm.

Then there are photoelectric smoke detectors, which use a combination of a small light and a photoelectric sensor. When smoke enters this device, the light beam gets disrupted, which sets off the alarm.

Why are Smoke Detectors So Important?

When it comes to keeping businesses and homes safe, smoke detectors are essential. In fact, having properly installed smoke detectors is often a legal requirement. These small devices will be able to warm occupants of a building or home of the early stages of a fire, which allows people to escape before the fire becomes threatening to their wellbeing.

Smoke detectors are often placed at multiple points inside a home or building and it’s important that each one is fully functioning at all times to ensure that people have an escape route no matter where the fire begins. And the reason smoke detectors will beep at you if the battery starts to get low is that it’s unsafe to have even one of them not working at any given time.

Smoke Detector Installation

With smoke detectors being so important for safety, you’ll want the people who install and inspect your smoke detectors to be experts. Here at Rose Brothers & Sons, we have a good understanding of the importance of smoke detectors and take great care to properly install these crucial safety devices. We’ll ensure all connections are done properly, and that every smoke detector is set up to last a long time.

You can trust our team here at Rose Brothers & Sons for quick and precise smoke detector installation along with other residential and commercial electrical services. We are located in Walton, KY and serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Contact us today to learn more!