Professional Electricians in Fort Wright, KY

Professional Electricians in Fort Wright, KY

To get to Fort Wright, Kentucky, they say to go north up Kentucky and once you’ve hit Indiana or Ohio you’ve gone too far. Fort Wright is about as Northern Kentucky as you can get, with it being nestled right into the northernmost tip of the state. Fort Wright is one of the larger cities in Northern Kentucky, which is reflected in its various restaurants and unique attractions.

The city of Fort Wright, Kentucky is located in Kenton County, which is home to nineteen other Northern Kentucky cities. Fort Wright has a population of over 500 people and ranges over 3.5 square miles of land. Given the fact that Fort Wright is close to the edge of the state, it puts it in a convenient location because it is in close proximity to other larger cities. These other cities are Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington, all of which are less than 100 miles away.

With Fort Wright you get the best of both worlds because you live in a suburban setting with local shops and eateries. However, you can also take advantage of the amenities that come with a more urban setting like Cincinnati given the fact that it is less than ten miles away. This city has a low unemployment rate and the top three occupations are in manufacturing, construction, and finance or insurance. Similarly, there are two universities for higher education located within close proximity of this city including Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati. The estimated income for those residing in Fort Wright is significantly higher than the rest of the state of Kentucky and has a cheaper cost of living than the neighboring city of Cincinnati.

In 1862, Cincinnati was threatened by Confederate soldiers so the Defense of Cincinnati banded together in an attempt to combat these forces during the American Civil War. The Defense of Cincinnati, which is also referred to as the Confederate Heartland Offensive or the Kentucky Campaign, was when a group of militia volunteers marched together into Kentucky across the Ohio River to defend the city of Cincinnati. The current city of Fort Wright was actually a fortification built as part of the Defense of Cincinnati. It wasn’t until 1941 that it became a city named after a Union Army Engineer and Major General by the name of Horatio Gouverneur Wright.

As a result of this rich history embedded in the American Civil War, there is a James A. Ramage Civil War Museum located in the city to inform visitors about the role that Fort Wright played in the famous battle and how it has impacted the community today. Similarly, there is other local involvement opportunities such as various memorials and organizations that do both community and service related work.

The one thing necessary to make any good city great is the accessibility of an electrician. Luckily, we at Rose Brothers and Sons Electric and Construction consider ourselves to be the best and most convenient electrician in Fort Wright, Kentucky. We guarantee trustworthy service to those in our office location of Walton, KY and our greater service areas of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.