Electrical Safety Tips for Children

Electrical Safety Tips for Children

Electrical safety tips

We teach our children how to be safe in many areas of life. Don’t talk to strangers. Look both ways before you cross the street. Don’t touch the stove when it’s hot. However, we often leave out a very important aspect of outdoor safety; steering clear of electrical hazards. Here are some great tips regarding electricity and keeping your children safe:

Stay clear of electrical wires and outlets

All electrical wires should be kept out of reach and sight of children and teaching them the difference between open and closed outlets is essential. A good indicator to help them learn to avoid is the volt sign that is usually located on the outlet.

Teach your children the danger signs

Teaching them the more important or dangerous signs is a very good idea so they are on alert for these at all terms. Not only will your child be safer but if they’re with other children they can let them know as well.

Prohibit climbing transmission towers or fences near substations

Making sure your child isn’t going to play around any potentially hazardous areas such as these is extremely important. Providing a tree or public playground that they can use instead is advisable.

Do not throw anything at utility poles or outdoor wiring

During bad weather, throwing objects near utility poles can sometimes cause lightning or an electrical shock. Not only this but if your child happens to fly a kite at all, it could potentially create an electrical circuit between wires and your child so make sure they do this far away from hazardous areas.