Professional Electricians in Cold Springs, KY

Professional Electricians in Cold Springs, KY

Although many people only associate Northern Kentucky with the Cincinnati area, the hidden gem that lies within that metropolitan area is Cold Springs. Cold Springs is a city in Kentucky at the northernmost part of the state, and is located in Campbell County. It began in similar fashion to many other of its neighboring cities, even currently sharing many community aspects with those towns, but it has a rich history that makes Cold Springs unique.

The city was originally founded because of its prime location to a main water source. The name of Cold Springs itself is because of a cold stream that runs through the city. It was the sole source of drinking water for the entire town for many years. This city dates back far before the 1800s, although it was only considered a community at that point and not a town. In 1832, the community was established as a city once a post office was built. Today, that same post office serves both Cold Springs and the neighboring city of Highland Heights. This relationship just reflects the interconnectedness of many Northern Kentucky cities.

Cold Springs is located at the northern part of Campbell County and is surrounded by six other cities that constitute the northern tip of Kentucky. There are two major roadways that cut through the city, the first of which being U.S. Route 27. This road takes you to Alexandria and the larger city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Kentucky Route 9 also leads to Newport if you go north but to Maysville instead if you follow it south. The city itself is a piece of land that is approximately 4.7 square miles. It has a population of a little over 6,000 residents.

Cold Springs is a smaller, residential community that reaps the benefits of being in such close proximity to the larger city of Cincinnati. With Cincinnati being only 8 miles away, Cold Springs residents can really take advantage of their neighboring areas for jobs and other adventures all while living in a small suburb. A majority of the population leans towards the younger demographic and commute to work in Cincinnati given its access to more employment opportunities. The average income per household is over $58,000 which is significantly higher than the median income for the rest of the state of Kentucky. Similarly, the cost of living in Cold Springs is cheaper than the average for Cincinnati.

With such low crime rates and high levels of safety, Cold Springs is a great spot for families as well. All residents in the area would fall under a Campbell County district that feeds into Campbell County High School. However, Cold Springs has something that would appeal to any resident, no matter their age. This town offers monthly movies in popular parks, festivals for every holiday, and even concerts in the warmer months. Similarly, you can make quick trips to Cincinnati for a night or weekend in the city.

If you live in Cold Springs or are interested in moving to this area, know that we at Rose Brothers & Sons Electric and Construction extend our services to the residents of Cold Springs. We are proud to be the trusted company in the Northern Kentucky area so please contact us if you are looking for professional electricians in Cold Springs, KY. We are located in Walton, KY and serve the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati areas.