Importance of Electrical Renovation

Whether you’re embarking on a commercial or residential renovation, there are multiple factors you will need to consider, including what you should do with the wiring and electrical sockets. This process is known as electrical renovation since it involves optimizing the electrical components of a structure as an essential aspect of your remodel. By carefully considering the ideal situation for powering your home or place of business, and finding the right electric and construction contractors with respect to the importance of electrical renovation, you will be able to make the most out of it.

Why is Electrical Renovation Important?

When you want to optimize an existing space, you don’t want to find that you can’t plug in important electrical items in the place you want or that your current wiring system can’t support your electrical needs for each room. Even though your space now looks just the way you want, you won’t be able to get as much enjoyment out of it without carefully considering an electrical renovation.

For example, your old wiring system and current outlets may have been installed decades ago when people had older television and far fewer electronic devices in the home. If you want to set up a game room or add smart-home functionality to different rooms in your home, then you may need more outlets that are placed where you want to set up your new devices.

This is also essential when planning a remodel for a commercial space. If you don’t have enough outlets or enough wiring to support the needs of your business, you could find yourself struggling to set up the equipment you need.

Planning Your Electrical Renovation

Knowing what you want to use each space for will be very helpful when planning to start an electrical renovation. You obviously picked your styling choices for your remodel with a purpose in mind, so it shouldn’t be hard to determine what it is you want out of your redesigned space.

If you’re remodeling your home, consider if the room will have a TV, cable, or other electronic devices along with how you want to light the space. If you will be adding lighting to the ceiling, you may need to change the current wiring system in the walls. And if you’re planning on adding lamps, light strips, or other types of plug-in light sources, then you may need more outlets.

Electrical Renovations with Rose Brothers & Sons

When you have a clear vision for your remodel, it’s time to pick an electrical contractor you can depend on. When you choose Rose Brothers & Sons for your electrical renovation, you’ll get an experienced team of professionals dedicated to making your home or business the perfect space for your needs. We will work with you closely to make sure the new wiring and system of outlets in your home or commercial building will work perfectly for you.
Here at Rose Brothers & Sons, we are proud to offer quality electrical renovations and other electrical and contractor services. We are located in Walton, KY and serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Contact us today to get started!


Best Types of Landscape Lighting for Businesses

Picking the right lighting for your business can make your office, lobby, or retail space look dramatic and welcoming. But it can also improve the appearance of the landscaping surrounding your place of business. This adds a whole extra layer of visual appeal to your business and if you carefully plan out your landscape lighting, it could be the reason people stop and take notice of your business. Here are some of the best types of landscape lighting to make your office, restaurant, or other business look better.


You can make certain elements of the surrounding landscape of your business stand out by putting them in the spotlight. What defines a spotlight is a light that directs light to a concentrated area. The light beam has a width of 45-degrees, allowing it to light up isolated spots while leaving other objects in the shadows. This creates a dramatic effect and allows you to make certain outdoor elements take center stage, such as your business sign. Spotlights also look great shining up from the ground to light up specific trees or bushes.


Similar to a spotlight is a floodlight. The notable difference is that this form of landscape lighting is meant to light up wider areas, such as if you need to illuminate a walkway or a driveway. Floodlights are a bit more practical and provide a pleasant look while making navigating the outside of your business safer at night.

In-Ground Lights

If you want to really make your landscape look more dramatic with outdoor lighting, a great type of landscape light to choose is in-ground lights. These lights are often circular and are installed directly into the ground. They provide an atmospheric look by drawing a bit more attention to the lights themselves rather than brightly illuminating an outdoor area.

They’re a great way to make walkways look more dramatic, especially if they’re lined with bushes, trees, or an outdoor wall. In-ground lights are highly effective for creating a sophisticated look and work well for businesses like hotels, wineries, or corporate campuses.

Step Lights

You can also install landscape lighting to improve both the atmosphere and the safety of your business. Add small lights to your steps entering your business or navigating your landscape to create a dramatic look. Your customers will be impressed by the attention to detail this type of lighting feature communicates. Plus, it also just makes it easier to walk around at night. This type of landscape lighting is another great choice for a sophisticated look and works well for college campuses, museums, or boutiques.

Including outdoor landscape lighting will catch plenty of eyes and make your business a better place to visit, boosting your sales and your brand.

Here at Rose Brothers & Sons, you can trust us for high-quality landscape lighting installation for your business. We are located in Walton, KY and proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Contact us today for commercial electrical and lighting installation you can depend on.


Smoke Detectors for Your Home

Smoke detectors are an important way to ensure your home stays safe from unintended fires. These safety products can reduce bodily and property harm from fires in your home. With added features like LED screens that display the PPM of the air, your home is able to be safer than ever.

While you can get an alarm that runs on battery power, it is often a good idea to get an alarm that is hardwired into your home’s electric grid. This means that the detector is hardwired into your home, and needs less batteries changed. You can also request a smoke alarm that operates on a combination of battery power and power from your house. This way your smoke detector can run on battery power when or if your power were to go out, making these very handy in an emergency backup power. And an early warning is incredibly important, when you want to ensure the safety of your family and your home. Our team is able to install both types of fire alarms.

There two types of sensors that help detect fires quickly. Photoelectric smoke alarms are considered the best at detecting smoldering, slow-burning fires, and ionization smoke alarms detect sudden, fast fires. It is recommended that you purchase an alarm with a combination of both sensors. There are also differences in the types of alarms that sound when the sensor is activated. Some have a light that flash and some have one stable flash.

Some smoke detectors are able to be interconnected with your smart home system. This means that you are able to have precise control over your smoke detector from your mobile phone through the app or through voice systems like Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa. With an easy press of a button, you can receive updates on the status of your devices and alerts about any issues that might arise with your smart smoke detector.

You can get a combination carbon monoxide and smoke detector to help protect your home if you have an attached garage for your auto. The sensor will go off when the air particles reach a certain saturation in the air. If you have a series of smart smoke detector systems, you can better find the source of the issue.

Popular smoke detector brands include Honeywell, kiddie, First Alert, and Nest smoke detectors. Early detection and warning of smoke and possible fires is very important because you have more time to address the issue and protect your home and family. Some folks may choose to DIY their installation of a new smoke detection system. With Rose Brothers and Sons professional installation, you can be sure your smoke detection is done right and will work correctly from the start. Homes are safer with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector.

To learn more about differing smoke detectors and the best one for your home near Cincinnati, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.


Common Electrical Problems in Homes

There are many obvious issues that might warrant calling an electrician. Sometimes this can literally be a “lights out” moment, and then you know that you need an electrician. If you are like many of us, then you probably don’t even think about smaller things. If an outlet stops working, you just assume it is the result of a faulty fuse or something minor, and you adjust your life around it instead of having it fixed. Not only can these sorts of issues and other common electrical problems point to a larger issue that needs to be addressed by a professional electrician, but there are other problems they can assist with that you might not even be aware of. Keep reading to learn about the ways that a professional electrician can help you with common electrical problems in homes near Cincinnati, Ohio.

Safety is a great reason to hire a professional electrician. Many common electrical problems can point to issues that can turn into larger issues and cause safety concerns. An outlet that frequently sparks when used or frayed or broken wiring can turn into a much bigger problem. These sorts of issues can be easily noticed and repair when hiring a professional electrician to do problem solving on your home. They can come in and fix any problems, but they can also respond to and repair potential problems before they arise. (more…)


2020 Trends for Professional Electrical Services

When it comes to the inner workings of our homes, it’s hard to think of anything that is more explicitly “behind the scenes” than its electrical system. Electricity is complicated, dangerous, and still can seem a little bit like magic to those not in the know. Because of this, when it comes to your home’s electrical system, a professional is needed above all else. A professional electrician is also best qualified to keep you up to date on how the industry of professional electrical services is geared to change over the next year, and how that could impact your home. To keep abreast of the world of electricity, keep reading and let the team at Rose Brothers & Sons tell you about 2020 trends for professional electrical services near Walton, Kentucky.

Trend #1: Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the biggest trend in professional electrical services is increased attention paid to energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is an all-around win-win: it’s good for the environment, good for your home, and good for your wallet, as you ultimately don’t need to pay for energy that you aren’t using. While this may immediately call to mind images of solar panels and LED lightbulbs, there are other ways to make sure that your home is energy efficient, and one of the best ways to do that is to seek out professional electrical services. A professional electrician will be able to survey your home to spot any areas that could stand to be more energy efficient and will also be able to work with you on planning next steps to make any necessary changes.

Trend #2: Wiring for New Homes

Our economy is currently in something of an upswing. Because of this, people who in the past may have been most likely to buy existing homes are now looking to build their dream homes instead. If this sounds like you, be sure not to forget professional electrical services when it comes time to move in. We like to think of electrical systems as the veins of a home, allowing you to be comfortable, get work done, and enjoy your home in the way you have always intended it to be enjoyed. But wiring for new homes doesn’t appear magically, so be sure to contact a professional electrician before it comes time to start packing your boxes.

Trend #3: Unique Lighting Choices

Lighting is no longer just something that we use to be able to see in our homes during the night. It is now a fully-fledged part of home décor, and one that is rapidly changing and evolving. If you have lived in your home for several years, or have moved into an older home, you may find that the lighting you currently have is unsightly or outdated. If that is the case, we recommend seeking out professional electrical services to help revamp your home’s lighting fixtures. Recessed lighting is especially trendy and is wonderfully flattering. Working with a professional electrician like those at Rose Brothers & Sons can help you get the perfect lighting for your visibility and décor needs.


To learn more about 2020 trends for professional electrical services, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, Kentucky, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio.


Electrical Services for New Construction

Building a new home is always exciting. However, building a home includes a number of processes you simply don’t have to think about when you are buying a home that is pre-built. From deciding the floor plan, types of cabinets, water and light fixtures, and more, you are in charge of every detail of your new home, including the electrical systems. If this is the first home you are building from scratch, or if you are simply not an expert on electrical contracting, the team at Rose Brothers & Sons are here to help. Keep reading to learn more about electrical services for new construction near Cincinnati, OH.

New Home Wiring

Houses don’t spring up from the ground with electrical systems already installed, which means that the wires and hardware must be added at some point. Since our lifestyles are so inextricably intertwined with electricity, making sure your home’s electrical systems are ready to go before you move in is of the utmost importance. That is why we are here to handle all aspects of electrical services for new construction, including complete new home wiring. We will come to your home to add any necessary wiring that can extend electric functionality to all parts of your home, so that by the time you get moved in, you will be ready to work, relax, and enjoy all aspects of living in a modern home.

Outlet Installation

Just as homes don’t pop into existence with wiring already added, wiring isn’t worth much if there aren’t outlets available for you to tap into your home’s electricity. Because of this, outlet installation is one of the most important electrical services for new construction. We will work with you to decide where outlets would be most useful in your home so that you will always have power when you need it. When you work with us for outlet installation, you will never again have to ponder why there is an outlet in a closet but not one next to your bed.

Smoke Detector Installation

While smoke detectors are not a device that most people are excited about, they are certainly necessary, which is why we include smoke detector installation in our list of electrical services for new construction. We will ensure that there are smoke detectors in all necessary spaces, that they are up to date and functional, and that they are ready to keep you and your family safe by the time you move into your new home. While moving into a new home is exciting, safety is our top priority, which is why smoke detector installation should be near the top of your list as you decide on necessary electrical services for your new home.


To learn more about electrical services for new construction, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! Our team of experts cannot wait to help make your dream home a reality. We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.


Electrical Services to Choose After a Storm

As we’re sure you’ve noticed over the last few months, this has been a historically stormy year here in Kentucky. It sometimes feels like we can’t go a day without rain, lightning, or even hail, and those phenomena carry with them their own problems that Kentucky homeowners have to deal with. On top of damage from flooding, trees being blown over, and damage to roofs and siding from hail, you also have to deal with the issues to your home’s electrical systems that can occur following a nasty storm. To help you address these concerns, the team at Rose Brothers & Sons is here to discuss professional electrical services to choose after a storm near Walton, KY.

Damage to Breakers

On top of strong winds, intense rain, and even hail, one of the most recognizable—and dangerous—aspects of severe storms is lightning. Lightning can damage nearly anything it touches, scorching trees, starting fires, and, of course, wreaking havoc on your home’s electrical systems. This should come as no surprise, as lightning is essentially just electricity. Still, it is important to address any issues your home’s electrical systems may be having following a severe storm, such as damage to your home’s breakers. If your home is struck by lightning, it can cause damage to your breakers, which can negatively impact your whole home’s electrical systems. Because of this, if you worry that lightning has damaged your home’s breakers, we recommend professional electrical services to assess the damage and recommend the next steps.

Power Surges

Power surges are one of the most common damaging events that can occur during a severe storm. If lightning strikes on or near a power line, it increases the amount of electricity flowing through the line, which can overwhelm any nearby appliances, electronics, or machinery that are running off the affected power line. If you know a storm is coming in advance, you can avoid power surge damage by unplugging any appliances or electronics, but if you are not so lucky or a storm strikes suddenly, we recommend seeking professional electrical services to help you find the best way to proceed with any damaged electronics, appliances, or machinery.

Other Damage from Lightning and Storms

With electrical systems, it can occasionally be difficult to see the full extent of damage or issues until they become severe. This can result in damage to your appliances and electronics or, in a worst-case scenario, even a potential electrical fire. Because of this, if your home is struck by lightning, damaged in a storm, or you simply suspect that there may be an issue with your home’s electrical systems, we strongly recommend seeking professional electrical services from a trusted electrician to assess the damage in person. Electricity can be highly dangerous, but the team at Rose Brothers & Sons is trained to work with electricity safely so that you and your family can get back to living in your home comfortably.

To learn more about professional electrical services to choose after a storm in Walton, KY, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.


Professional Electrical Services for Fall

Have an Electric Autumn

Fall in Kentucky is uniquely beautiful. Our crisp, temperate weather and the way that the leaves change across Kentucky’s rolling hills are just a few of the things that Kentuckians look forward to every year once summer starts to fade. But because of our unique geographic positioning, we have hot summers and cold winters in Kentucky, which means that transitional seasons like spring and fall are a great time to make sure that your home is prepared for the more extreme weather. Because of this, with autumn on the horizon, now is the perfect time to let the team at Rose Brothers & Sons tell you about professional electrical services for fall near Northern Kentucky.

Electrical Rewiring

While fall in Kentucky is typically pretty mild, winters can be anything but. Because of this, you want to ensure that your home’s electrical systems are in peak condition before the first snowstorm hits. When it comes to professional electrical services for fall, rewiring is a great place to start. As one of the older states in the country, Kentucky has more than its fair share of historic or older homes. And while these homes may be beautiful, they often do not have the most up to date wiring. Rather than encountering a major electrical issue in the dead of winter when you need proper electricity the most, we recommend seeking rewiring or other professional electrical services in the fall.

Outlet Replacement

With Halloween and Thanksgiving on the horizon, fall is a time for enjoying the bounty of nature and sharing it with our loved ones. Because of all the entertaining that tends to take place during the fall, having working outlets is of the utmost importance. Outlet replacement is one of the most common professional electrical services for fall for this reason. Having working outlets will ensure that you are able to utilize all of the necessary kitchen appliances and decorations that allow you to make the most of the fall’s schedule of holidays. When you seek professional electrical services, we can evaluate your home’s outlets and spot any that may need replacement, allowing you to focus on spending time with your loved ones and enjoying the season.

Electrical Inspection

At the end of the day, we often don’t realize the electrical work that our homes need until something goes disastrously wrong. Because of this, our biggest recommendation for professional electrical services for fall is a general home electrical inspection. When you choose an electrical inspection, our team of trained electricians will come to your home and examine your home’s electrical system to spot any damage or areas that need updating. Through this we will be able to spot problems before they occur, so you can spend the season relaxing with friends and family and preparing for the winter.

To learn more about professional electrical services for fall near Northern Kentucky, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH.


Professional Electrical Services for Homes

Harnessing Electricity

Ever since electricity was first discovered, electricity has become an inextricable part of our daily lives. You are likely reading this on a device that runs on electricity, inside a building with electrical lights, that is being heated or cooled using electricity, not to mention the seemingly infinite number of other ways that you interact with electricity every day. In fact, there are so many ways that we harness electricity, you may have limited or misconstrued ideas about what electricians can do for you and your home. Keep reading to allow the experts at Rose Brothers & Sons to fill you in on professional electrical services for homes near Cincinnati, OH.

Electrical Services for New Homes

We all have an idea of what our dream home would be, and for many of us that home simply doesn’t exist yet. If this happened to you, then you are likely in the position of building your own home from the ground up. This can be a lengthy, although rewarding, process, but while you are busy dreaming up floor plans and picking out cabinets, be sure you don’t forget one of the most important aspects of building a new home: professional electrical services. Electricity doesn’t magically enter a home once it is built, and instead must be carefully added by a team of expert electricians and electrical contractors. Make sure that you can turn the lights on once you move into your new home.


Whether you have built your new home, or you moved into a preexisting home, it is difficult to overstate how important it is to have proper lighting. It allows us to see and appreciate our home, while also allowing us to go about our daily routines. Whether you are looking for lighting for a home you are building, or you think it is time to revamp your home’s existing lighting, professional electrical services will be required. Lighting runs off of electricity, and because electricity can be dangerous to those who are not trained on how to work with it safely, we cannot recommend strongly enough that you should hire a professional electrician, like those at Rose Brothers & Sons, before tinkering with your home’s lighting.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

We like to think that homes are our respite from the dangers of the outside world, but there can be dangers inside our homes as well. Because of this, it is absolutely crucial to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home. Carbon monoxide can be deadly, and is nearly impossible to detect with just your senses alone, so a working carbon monoxide detector not only will keep you safe, but will keep your family alive. If your home doesn’t have a working carbon monoxide detector, or you simply need a new one, be sure to consider professional electrical services from Rose Brothers & Sons to install one for you.


To learn more about professional electrical services for homes in Cincinnati, OH, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.


Tips for Finding a Professional Electrician near Cincinnati, OH

Electricity is something that many of us take for granted these days, but often all it takes is a phone call to a grandparent or great-grandparent to realize how comparatively new electricity is in our lives and in our homes. Because of this, electricity is still very much within the realm of specialized professions, even if a toddler can work a light switch and a smartphone these days. Since this is the case, hiring a highly-trained electrician to do electrical projects in your home or business can be an incredibly important decision, and is not one to be taken lightly. To help you in your decision-making process, the team at Rose Brothers & Sons are here to give you a few tips for finding a professional electrician near Cincinnati, OH.

Tip #1- Check what people are saying

It seems strange to think that there was ever a time when we would schedule a professional service without first checking multiple review platforms to make sure they were the right fit because that is definitely how most of us find dentists, hairdressers, and, yes, electricians today. While checking with your friends and family for recommendations is a good place to start, review aggregating platforms can help you see what hundreds or even thousands of people in your area think about the electricians that are available. For an added layer of confidence, you can also check with the Better Business Bureau, where Rose Brothers & Sons has an A+ rating.

Tip #2- Hourly fees are a good place to start, but not end

All sorts of professional workers have hourly fees, and often electricians are the same in that regard. But when it comes to tips for finding a professional electrician, hourly fees are a good thing to consider, but not a good thing to base your entire decision upon. Hourly fees can vary for a number of reasons, but because electricity is so central to our lives, your primary considerations should be the professional qualifications of the electricians you are considering, what you need to be done, and whether you think they would be a good fit. While this doesn’t mean you should break the bank to complete your home’s electrical projects, this is not the time to be bargain hunting.

Tip #3- Consult with an electrician

As we said earlier, electrical work is a highly specialized field, and often laypeople do not know enough about it to make highly informed decisions on which electrician to hire. For some real, genuine tips for finding a professional electrician, consult with one directly. They will be able to help you understand the work that needs to be done on your home, what you should be looking for, and the types of qualifications and prices you should expect. When it comes to something this complex, it is always wise to bring in an expert, like the professionals at Rose Brothers & Sons.

To learn more tips for finding a professional electrician in Northern Kentucky, contact Rose Brothers & Sons today! We are conveniently located in Walton, KY, but we also proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

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