Best Types of Landscape Lighting for Businesses

Picking the right lighting for your business can make your office, lobby, or retail space look dramatic and welcoming. But it can also improve the appearance of the landscaping surrounding your place of business. This adds a whole extra layer of visual appeal to your business and if you carefully plan out your landscape lighting, it could be the reason people stop and take notice of your business. Here are some of the best types of landscape lighting to make your office, restaurant, or other business look better.


You can make certain elements of the surrounding landscape of your business stand out by putting them in the spotlight. What defines a spotlight is a light that directs light to a concentrated area. The light beam has a width of 45-degrees, allowing it to light up isolated spots while leaving other objects in the shadows. This creates a dramatic effect and allows you to make certain outdoor elements take center stage, such as your business sign. Spotlights also look great shining up from the ground to light up specific trees or bushes.


Similar to a spotlight is a floodlight. The notable difference is that this form of landscape lighting is meant to light up wider areas, such as if you need to illuminate a walkway or a driveway. Floodlights are a bit more practical and provide a pleasant look while making navigating the outside of your business safer at night.

In-Ground Lights

If you want to really make your landscape look more dramatic with outdoor lighting, a great type of landscape light to choose is in-ground lights. These lights are often circular and are installed directly into the ground. They provide an atmospheric look by drawing a bit more attention to the lights themselves rather than brightly illuminating an outdoor area.

They’re a great way to make walkways look more dramatic, especially if they’re lined with bushes, trees, or an outdoor wall. In-ground lights are highly effective for creating a sophisticated look and work well for businesses like hotels, wineries, or corporate campuses.

Step Lights

You can also install landscape lighting to improve both the atmosphere and the safety of your business. Add small lights to your steps entering your business or navigating your landscape to create a dramatic look. Your customers will be impressed by the attention to detail this type of lighting feature communicates. Plus, it also just makes it easier to walk around at night. This type of landscape lighting is another great choice for a sophisticated look and works well for college campuses, museums, or boutiques.

Including outdoor landscape lighting will catch plenty of eyes and make your business a better place to visit, boosting your sales and your brand.

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