Readers ask: How To Replace Htc One S Battery?

Can HTC One battery be replaced?

The HTC One has an internal battery, meaning that it is not meant to be swapped out by the user. It is however, possible to replace it by disassembling the telephone. If you have experience repairing electronics, you can do the job yourself. Many replacement batteries come with a tool kit.

How do I take my battery out of my HTC One?

Gently bend the various ribbon cables out of the way of the battery. Use an iOpener or heat gun to loosen up the adhesive securing the battery to the display assembly. Use a plastic opening tool to gently pry up the battery from the display assembly.

How do you reset an HTC phone battery?

Battery and Charger Reset Procedure for HTC One (M7 and M8)

  1. Turn off Fast Boot in settings.
  2. Plug phone into HTC charger and charge for two minutes or more.
  3. While charging, hold down volume up+volume down+power button and continue holding.
  4. Phone will turn on and off repeatedly every 15 seconds or so while continuing to hold all three buttons.

How do I check my HTC battery?

You may also try the battery test, by following the instructions below:

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode.
  3. Connect your device to the charger, and charge it fully.
  4. Set Screen Brightness to Max.
  5. Set Screen Time out to never.
  6. Dial *#*#3424#*#*, choose battery run down test, and follow the instructions.

Why is my HTC One battery draining so fast?

The running of background apps, too much screen brightness, over usage of phone’s camera, auto-updating facility of apps, longer screen timeouts, etc. are some of the other major causes to drain its battery life. An unstable Android version is another major cause of creating HTC One M8 battery problems.

Can you replace HTC 10 battery?

Ifixit has a tear down guide for the HTC 10. You can use this to change the battery. if you have warranty service, go with that.

Can you replace HTC One M9 battery?

We highly recommend to replace the battery on your HTC One M9, once you start to have problems with it. Those all problems can be related to the aging battery. This service includes parts and labour. The problem usually rises after 1 year of use.

How can I fix my HTC?

Factory reset using hardware buttons:

  1. Hold down the Volume down and Power.
  2. Wait for the screen with three Android images then release the buttons.
  3. Use Volume down to select Factory reset.
  4. Confirm by pressing the Power button.

How do I fix my HTC phone that won’t charge?

If the phone doesn’t appear to be charging and will not power on, connect the phone to the charger, and then hold down the VOLUME UP, VOLUME DOWN, and POWER buttons for up to 2 minutes. This will force the phone to reboot and resume charging normally. Note: Some phone models may not have a notification LED.

How do I stop my battery from draining so fast?

The Basics

  1. Turn Down the Brightness. One of the easiest ways to prolong your battery life is to turn down the screen brightness.
  2. Mind Your Apps.
  3. Download a Battery Saving App.
  4. Turn Off the Wi-Fi Connection.
  5. Turn on Airplane Mode.
  6. Lose the Location Services.
  7. Fetch Your Own Email.
  8. Reduce Push Notifications for Apps.

Why did my HTC phone stop working?

If your phone isn’t TURNING on and your HTC is off try holding the power button and the volume up and down button for 1 min and then plug it up to an CHARGER WARNING -. DO NOT USE YOUR. COMPUTER TO CHARGE YOUR HTC OR SMARTPHONE IT MAY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE BATTERY.

How do I check battery health on HTC 10?

See how the system and apps are using the battery and how much power is being used. From the Home screen, swipe up and then find and tap Settings. Tap Battery. > Show full device usage or Show app usage, and then tap an item to check how it’s using the battery.

How do I know if my HTC is touch screen?

These are simple to enter to – just go to the dialer app, and type in the codes below.

Samsung (for Galaxy S3 and earlier)

Code Description
*#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* Audio test
*#*#0842#*#* Vibration and Backlight test
*#*#2663#*#* Displays touchscreen version
*#*#2664#*#* TouchScreen test

How can I identify original HTC phone?

It just doesn’t feel “right”. Check IMEI and serial number, if it’s genuine both will check out as original HTC, Either call HTC support or check with THIS page. A genuine HTC phone will check out as a HTC phone there. COMPARE spec with official HTC spec.

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