Readers ask: Alcatel Onetouch Pop S3 Details?

What kind of phone is Alcatel One Touch?

Alcatel OneTouch is an international mobile technology brand which designs, develops, and markets globally a growing range of mobile and internet devices. The company is known for its OneTouch range of Android smartphones.

Is Alcatel One Touch 3g?

This super stylish, sleek smartphone comes packed with features; 5″ HD IPS display, 8MP camera and 5MP sub camera, quad core CPU, Android Lollipop plus three chic interchangeable back covers.

How do I use my Alcatel One Touch?

First-time use

  1. Make sure the battery and SIM card are inserted: Insert the battery. Insert the SIM card.
  2. From any Home screen, tap the All apps icon.
  3. Tap Setup.
  4. To skip the Setup guide, tap Skip all.
  5. Tap Get started.
  6. Select desired language: English. Espanol.
  7. Tap Next.
  8. If desired, follow instructions to set up Wi-Fi.

Does Alcatel One Touch A564C have a SIM card?

Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon A564C is a 5-inch device with rounded corners. The outside cover feels rubberish, although it’s plastic. The back cover is removable – which gives you access to the battery and also the microSD and SIM slots.

How long do Alcatel phones last?

The Alcatel 7 will easily last most people two days on a single charge.

Is the Alcatel phone any good?

Almost every part of the Alcatel 3L (2020) is better than you might expect given its price: the screen, the camera quality, the battery life they’re all pretty average in the grand scheme of smartphones in 2020, but actually fairly impressive for a phone that costs so little.

How do I turn off 3G on my Alcatel One Touch?

Switch 2G / 4G

Tap Mobile networks. Tap Network mode. Select the desired setting: WCDMA only (3G)

How do I answer my Alcatel phone?

  1. Press the upper or lower part of the Volume key when you get a call. The incoming call alert is silenced and the call continues until it’s ended or diverted.
  2. If the screen lock is turned off, press ANSWER.
  3. If the screen lock is turned on, press and drag the accept call icon upwards.
  4. Press the end call icon.

What kind of SIM card does Alcatel One Touch use?

Insert/remove SIM

This device uses a Micro SIM card.

How do I turn my Alcatel phone on?

Press and hold On/Off until a pop-up menu is displayed.

Before you can turn on your phone, you need to insert your SIM and battery into your phone.

  1. Turn on your phone. Press and hold On/Off until your phone is turned on.
  2. Enter your PIN.
  3. Turn off your phone.

Where is the SIM card on an Alcatel phone?

INSERT/REMOVE SIM CARD: The SIM slot is above the battery compartment. Insert the nano-SIM card into the SIM slot with the metal contacts facing down and the notched edge going in first.

How do I find my SIM card number on my Alcatel One Touch?

It gives a phone an identity separate from other devices. The second number is your SIM number.

How do I find SIM number on the Alcatel MyFlip?

  1. Press the “OK” key.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the “Device” tab.
  4. Select “Device Information”.
  5. Continue to “More Information”.
  6. Find “ICDC”.

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