Quick Answer: What Is Amc 8 Honor Roll?

What is AMC honor roll?

Honor Roll recognizes students who score in (approximately) the top 5%. Perfect Scores recognizes students with a perfect score of 25. School Honor Roll is awarded to schools with a team score (AMC 8, top 3 students scores) of 66 or greater.

What does AMC 8 stand for?

The AMC include: the American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC 8) (formerly the American Junior High School Mathematics Examination) for students in grades 8 and below, begun in 1985; the American Mathematics Contest 10 (AMC 10), for students in grades 10 and below, new in 2000; the American Mathematics Contest 12 (AMC 12) (

What is the average score for AMC 8?


Number of schools returning results 2,342
Overall Scoreaverage 9.98
Number of Female participants 69,424
Female participants scoreaverage 9.33
Number of Male Participants 80,812

What is the AMC 8 math test?

The AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development of problem-solving skills.

Is the AMC test hard?

The AMC 10 is about the easier difficulty for high school contests. In the AMC 10 there’s not many number theory questions and more complex trig/log/complex numbers problems but on the 12, these are fair game. The AIME is much much harder than AMC 12. This is like the jump from AMC 8 to AMC 10 problems 20-25.

How do I prepare for AMC?

How Can Students Prepare For AMC 8?

  1. Practice, practice, practice
  2. Explore the mathematical pattern that happens around you.
  3. Learn and practice with a group.
  4. Understand the tenets of a good problem solving strategy.
  5. Know the AMC 8 schedule and prepare ahead.
  6. Understand the progression of problems and allocate time wisely.

What is a good AMC 10 score?

High scores on the AMC 10 or 12 can qualify the participant for the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME). On the AMC 10, the top 2.5% make it, typically around 100 to 115 points. On the AMC 12, the top 5% make it, typically around 85 to 95 points.

Who can take AMC 10?

Who is eligible to take the AMC 10 and the AMC 12? A. Students with a passion for problem-solving who are in grade 10 or below and under 17.5 years of age on the day of the contest can take the AMC 10. Students in grade 12 or below and under 19.5 years of age on the day of the contest can take the AMC 12.

What is the difference between AMC 10 A and B?

The only differences are the competition dates and that each version has a distinct set of questions, although the two examinations are designed to be equal in difficulty and distribution of topics. See more at: AMC 10 versus AMC 12.

Can you use calculator on AMC?

NO CALCULATORS OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. No questions require the use of a calculator. The only materials that students are allowed to have on themselves during the competition are scratch paper, rulers, compasses, and erasers.

Are you allowed a calculator on AMC 12?

The AMC->12 is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus concepts. Calculators are allowed.

What score do you need to qualify for AIME?

The AIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination) is an intermediate examination between the AMC 10 or AMC 12 and the USAMO. All students who took the AMC 12 and achieved a score of 100 or more out of a possible 150 or were in the top 5% are invited to take the AIME.

What does 4 * mean in math?

The factorial function (symbol:!) says to multiply all whole numbers from our chosen number down to 1. Examples: 4!

What is a good AMC 12 score?

The average score is typically around 65 out of 150. 21 About 6.5% of students taking the AMC 12 scored 100 or better.

Do colleges ask for AMC scores?

Another reason the AMC is so important is that the top schools now explicitly ask for AMC scores (not required). In addition, you can highlight your AMC accomplishments in the Activities section of the application and also include them in your essays. And there are lots of essays to write!

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