Question: How To Use Huawei Y6p?

How do I download apps on my Huawei Y6p?

How to enable HUAWEI Y6p to download apps from other sources than Google Play

  1. First of all, go to Settings and under System you will find “Security”.
  2. Then choose “Unknown sources” and tick it.
  3. You should get the information that installing an application from unknown sources could be very harmful to your device.

Is Huawei Y6p good for gaming?

The Huawei Y6p seems like a promising gaming smartphone with its 4GB RAM but the MediaTek Helio P22 simply lacks the power to run heavy games smoothly. It’s enough for casual games and can even run games like Mobile Legends at low graphics quality with acceptable performance. This is usually the case with paid games.

How do I get Google Play on my Huawei Y6p?

3 Best Ways to Install Google Play Store on Huawei Y6p

  1. To install google play store on Huawei Y6P, you have to first of all download the installation files.
  2. After downloading the file, to install the app on your Huawei Y6p, You will see two options there, tap on the “Google space pluing 32bit apk” and install it on your Huawei Y6p.

Does Huawei Y6p have Google?

While new Huawei phones and Honor phones don’t have Google apps installed, with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and Honor 9X Pro both launching without them, it seems a new hack has been discovered which gets you the Google Play Store back.

Can I use Play store on Huawei?

Google is clear on this point: “For users of our services, Google Play and the security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices”.

Can I install Google apps on Huawei Y6p?

Installing Google Application and Service to HUAWEI Y6p. Turn on the HUAWEI Y6p by the Power button and connect to any WiFi internet network. Go to the settings menu, apps menu then select again apps menu.

Is Huawei Y6p camera good?

Verdict. Huawei Y6p looks great and it comes with good overall specs. The standouts for me are its large RAM and storage along with strong battery performance, reverse charging feature, nice audio quality, triple-camera setup with an ultra-wide-angle mode, and stable connectivity.

Is Huawei Y6p fast charging?

Yes, Huawei Y6p does support a fast charging.

Can Huawei Y6p use WhatsApp?

In your Y6p ou can store WhatsApp photos and videos thanks to its internal memory 8 GB. You can connect your Y6p through Wi-Fi thanks to its connectivity 802.11b (IEEE 802.11b-1999), 802.11g (IEEE 802.11g-2003), 802.11a, 802.11ac 5GHz 802.11ad and download all the photos and videos of WhatsApp.

How do I get Google Play store on my Huawei?

Install Google Play Services on your Huawei phone using Googlefier

  1. Download and install the Googlefier app.
  2. Launch Googlefier.
  3. Grant the app the permissions it requires.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  5. The app will then replace the existing backup app and restore LZPlay.
  6. Sign into your Google account when prompted.

Can you install Google apps on Huawei?

Googlefier lets you easily install Google apps on Huawei and Honor devices. To use the app, simply download the APK from the forum thread linked below and install it on your device.

How do I download Google Play store on my Huawei?

Install Google Apps on your Huawei smartphone

  1. Download the Google Installer 3.0 APK (the latest version) from the official web on your computer.
  2. Go to the “Settings” on your mobile phone.
  3. Find the menu item “Security & Privacy” and select it.
  4. Taps “More Settings”.
  5. Enable “Download apps from external sources”.

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