Often asked: Will Honor 9 Lite Work In Canada?

How can I change country in honor 9 Lite?

Log in to AppGallery and go to Me > Settings > Country/Region to select the version of the country you are in.

Is it worth buying Honor 9 Lite?

This phone is very lightweight and have good performance. Overall phone is good but infared sensor is not available in this so its totally rubbish. Battery, camera Can be better. Honor 9lite is hanging phone

Will honor 9 Lite get EMUI 10?

Along with that, it made us believe that Honor may push the EMUI 10 update for the device. Other devices such as the Honor 9X Lite, Honor 9A, Honor 9C, and Honor 9S will get quarterly security updates. But the Honor 9 Lite will no longer get any software updates, not even security patches.

Is there any update for honor 9 Lite?

The Honor 9 Lite June 2020 Android security update carries the software build version EMUI 9.1. 0.173 and is about 381 MB in size.

How do I change my honor phone from Chinese to English?

Open Settings, and go to System > Language & input>Language. Then you will see English (United States) and Simplified Chinese (China) and ADD LANGUAGE, If you want to add other languages, just touch the ADD LANGUAGE, then you will see many options for you to choose.

How do I change my keyboard on honor 9 Lite?

You should now see a little Keyboard icon on the row at the bottom of your screen, towards the bottom-right corner. Press that icon and you can switch between all of the keyboards you have installed. Some other notable keyboards that work on the Huawei Honor 9 are GO Keyboard and Gboard (the Google Keyboard).

How long does honor 9 Lite battery last?

The 3000mAh battery in the Honor 9 Lite lasted around 7 hours on PC Mark battery test. While the PC Mark scores are impressive, the phone in casual usage lasts close to one day but struggles if used for more than basic tasks.

Does honor 9 Lite have Gorilla Glass?

Q) Is the display of the Honor 9 Lite protected by Gorilla Glass? It features a 2.5D curved strengthened glass that is less prone to scratches, but it is not Gorilla Glass.

Does honor 9 Lite support 5g?

And in that regard, the Honor 9 Lite left us impressed. There is also the usual bunch of Honor bloatware that cannot be uninstalled. Incidentally, we also realised the phone does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi connections, so the Wi-Fi speed will be limited to 50Mbps even when you have a faster connection.

Does honor 9 Lite have WIFI calling?

Following the Honor 9n, Honor has now started sending a new update for Honor 9 Lite and as you know it brings a new calling feature for the Indian users. This new update for Honor 9 Lite installs the VoWiFi calling feature as well as March Android patches for improved system security.

How do I download EMUI 10?

Go to Settings > System > Software update > Check for Updates > Download and install. Upgrade Via HiCare: You can also upgrade to EMUI 10.0 through HiCare App. Before you start, ensure your device has the latest version of the HiCare app for a better experience.

Does honor 9 Lite support fast charging?

No, the Honor 9 Lite does not support fast charging.

What is EMUI 10?

EMUI is a Huawei-designed user interface that sits on top of Google’s Android. In this case, EMUI 10 works on top of Android 10.

What EMUI means?

EMUI, formerly known as Emotion UI, is an Android-based custom user interface developed by Huawei for its mobile devices.

How do I get dark mode in honor 9 Lite?

How to Turn On Dark Mode in HUAWEI Honor 9 Lite?

  1. For the first click on Settings.
  2. Then go to the Display & Brightness.
  3. And now just click on this blue dot to activate or deactivate the Dark Mode.
  4. Remember, Dark Mode helps you to save battery, enjoy it.:)

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