FAQ: When Your Honor Episode 8?

How did your honor end?

The final episode began with a surprising revelation, that Michael’s deceased wife and Adam’s mother was having an extramarital affair, which explained a little about her shocking death a year earlier (the hit and run resulted because Adam visited the place she was shot).

Who is Fiona McKee in your honor?

Maura Tierney: Fiona McKee.

Will there be a season 2 of your honor?

Your Honor appears to be a true mini-series so a second season isn’t expected. Stay tuned for further updates. Want to automatically receive updates about this TV show?

Who dies in your honor?

For 10 episodes, Adam’s father, Judge Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston), went to extreme lengths to keep his son’s crime a secret. He let another teenager (Kofi, played by Lamar Johnson) take the fall, and Kofi ended up in jail, where Rocco’s older brother Carlo (Jimi Stanton) killed him.

Does the dog die in your honor?

Yes, of course, the shell-shocked kid can bring his dog with him for the ride. Except, oops. Adam didn’t kill just anyone; he killed Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth), the son of someone very, very bad: a New Orleans mob boss (Michael Stuhlbarg) and his wife, Gina (Hope Davis).

Who is Elizabeth in your honor?


Series cast summary:
Bryan Cranston Michael Desiato 10 episodes, 2020-2021
Margo Martindale Elizabeth 5 episodes, 2020-2021
Lamar Johnson Kofi Jones / 5 episodes, 2020-2021
Andrene Ward-Hammond Big Mo 5 episodes, 2021

Is Maura Tierney in your honor?

In October 2020, Tierney joined the cast of Showtime’s Your Honor.

Who is the prosecutor in your honor?

In Your Honor Episode 8 (titled “Part 8”), viewers spent more time with Fiona McKee, a prosecutor at the New Orleans courthouse where Michael works. Fiona McKee is played by Maura Tierney, a Showtime veteran who won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Affair.

Is your honor based on a true story?

According to TheCinemaholic, the legal drama Your Honor is not based on a true story. Your Honor story has been adapted from an Israeli television series named Kvodo. This was created by Shlomo Mashiach and Ron Ninio.

How many episodes are in Shameless Season 11?

In January 2020, the series was renewed for its eleventh and final season to consist of 12 episodes and was scheduled to premiere in summer 2020.

What is a limited series?

So, a limited series is basically a miniseries in shiny, upscale packaging. Rather than three or four nights, a limited series can span a number of episodes, though they usually come in between four and 10 installments. The only rule is, a limited series has to actually be limited.

Is your honor on HBO Max?

December 4, 2020 – HBO Max becomes a must-have; ‘Your Honor‘ brings Bryan Cranston back to break bad December 4, 2020 – HBO Max becomes a must-have; ‘Your Honor‘ brings Bryan Cranston back to break bad December 4, 2020 – HBO Max becomes a must-have; ‘Your Honor‘ brings Bryan Cranston back to break bad.

Can I watch your honor on Amazon Prime?

Watch Your Honor Season 1. Prime Video.

Where is your honor filmed?

Your Honor is set in New Orleans and features some iconic locations that have featured in film and TV over the decades. Your Honor (Image: SHOWTIME NETWORKS INC.) Lots of scenes take place in the historic Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. 2 дня назад

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