FAQ: How To Reset Asus Zenfone Live?

How can I unlock my Asus ZenFone forgot password?

Tap “Forgot Pattern?” and then enter your Google account and password saved in this phone to disable pattern lock. Note: If you do not log in your Google account or the device is not connected to internet before the phone is locked, you will need to perform factory data reset in Recovery mode to solve this problem.

How do I remove screen lock on ASUS ZenFone?

ASUS ZenFone™ AR – Enable / Disable / Modify Screen Lock

  1. Set up a screen lock: Pattern. PIN. Password.
  2. Disable screen lock: Tap ‘None or ‘Swipe’. To confirm tap Yes, remove.

How do I factory reset a locked Asus ZenFone?

  1. When device is off, press (also hold) volume down key and then press (also hold) power key.
  2. Select “wipe data/factory reset” by volume down key (or volume up key), and then press power key.
  3. Select “Yes — delete all user data” by volume down key (or volume up key), and then press power key to start reset.

How do I unlock my Asus?

Unlocking your screen

When the screen is locked, you can open it with the security unlocking options that the ASUS Tablet offers you. Tap then tap Settings > Lock Screen. Tap Screen lock then select an option to unlock your ASUS Tablet.

How do I unlock my ASUS home screen?

ASUS ZenFone™ V – Unlock Screen

  1. Press the Power button (located on the right side).
  2. Depending upon the screen lock type, do one of the following: Swipe up to unlock the screen. Draw the current unlock pattern. Enter the current PIN or password. Touch the Home button with the registered finger.

How do I bypass my Asus password?

Press “Shift + Alt + Del”, and select “Change a password“. Enter the current password, leave the New password and Confirm password text box blank, and then click on the Right arrow key to clear password from your Asus laptop.

How do I recover my lock screen PIN?

To find this feature, first enter an incorrect pattern or PIN five times at the lock screen. You’ll see a “Forgot pattern,” “forgot PIN,” or “forgot password” button appear. Tap it. You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password of the Google account associated with your Android device.

How do I restore my Asus to factory settings?

For Android 7 and below:Select Backup & reset in Settings. Click Factory data reset. *If you have a screen lock, you’ll need to enter your pattern, PIN, or password. 2-2 For Android 8:Select System > Reset in Settings.

How do I do a factory reset?

Factory reset: Step by step

  1. Open up your settings.
  2. Go to System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase All Data (Factory Reset) > Reset Phone.
  3. You may need to enter a password or PIN.
  4. Finally, tap Erase Everything.

How do I restore my ASUS notebook to factory settings?

Step 1 – From the login screen, click the power icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Step 2 – Hold the Shift key while you click Restart. Step 4 – Select Reset Your PC.

Where is reset button on Asus laptop?

Laptop’s don’t have a reset button. If the laptop has frozen on you, the best thing to do is hold down the power button to force a shutdown.

How do I reset my Asus tablet without the password?

For Asus tablet with android OS

  1. Power off Asus tablet.
  2. Press and hold the combination keys (Power key + Volume up key + Volume down key) for several seconds.
  3. When the “No USB cable connected!” screen appears, release the keys.

How do I unlock my Asus tablet without factory reset?

Hard Reset

  1. Power the Eee Pad off.
  2. Press and hold the “Volume Down” button on the left side of the device, then press and hold the “Power” button.
  3. Continue to hold both buttons until a green Android screen appears.
  4. Use the volume buttons to toggle the setting to “RECOVERY MODE“.
  5. A screen that says “No command” should appear.

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