FAQ: How Much Price Alcatel Pop 4?

What is the price of POP 4?

Tecno Pop 4 price in Nigeria starts at around 36,500 Naira. The smartphone costs 490 GHs in Ghana and 9,000 KSh in Kenya.

How much is pop 4 plus in Nigeria?

TECNO Pop 4 costs about ₦34,000 in Nigeria.

How do I reset my Alcatel One Touch POP 4?

First method:

  1. Begin by holding down the Power key for a short while in order to switch off the smartphone.
  2. Next, press and hold the Volume Up + Power key simultaneously for a couple of seconds.
  3. Release all keys as soon as the ALCATEL logo pops up on the screen.

Is Tecno Pop 4 battery removable?

Surprisingly, it comes with a massive 5000mAh battery and it looks more compact. TECNO Pop 4 is a good looking phone. It has a modern look, and the back cover can be taken off, although the battery is non-removable. The back houses a camera, LED flash, and a fingerprint scanner.

How much is infinix smart 4?

Infinix Smart 4 Price in India

Infinix Smart 4 smartphone price in India is likely to be Rs 6,999. Infinix Smart 4 is speculated to be launched in the country on November 8, 2020 (Expected).

Is iPhone 12 out in Nigeria?

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s 2020 iPhones Lineup and 4 models were announced on October 13th 2020. The iPhone 12 Lineup price in Nigeria this Month are as follows, iPhone 12 Mini starts at ₦500,000, iPhone 12 costs ₦600,000 and iPhone 12 Pro starting price is ₦670,000.

How much is Pouvoir 4 Pro in Nigeria?

Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro price starts at around 79,000 Naira, which is about $168, 17,816 Kenyan Shillings, and 968 Ghana Cedi. The Tecno Pouvoir 4 Pro LC8 was announced in May 2020 and is expected to be on sale in early June 2020.

How much is spark4 in Nigeria?

Tecno Spark 4 Price and Availability

Tecno Spark 4 Price in Nigeria starts around 48,500 Naira. The smartphone is available for purchase in retail stores in Nigeria, as well as online retail stores based in Ghana and Kenya. In Kenya, the Tecno Spark 4 price starts at KSh 13,000, while price in Ghana starts at GHS 609.

Why does it say no command when in recovery mode?

You may get No command screen when Super Users Access has been denied or cancelled during the installation process of app store (Google Apps Installer widget), OS software update or when you try to reset your smartphone. In any of the cases you have to enter Android Recovery Mode and manually finish the process.

How do I exit no command?

If presented with an image of a broken Android with “No Command” shown on the screen, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. While holding the Power button press the Volume Up button then release the Volume Up button then the Power button.

How many GB is Tecno Pop 4?


Memory Card slot microSDXC
Internal 32GB 2GB RAM
eMMC 5.1

How many hours does Tecno Pop 4 battery last?

Powerful 5000mAh Battery, Longer Time Enjoyment

23.6 hours calling, 10.8 hours watching video, 69.2 hours listening to music via earphones, you would be amazed that 5000mAh battery can bring you such longer time enjoyment.

How long does Tecno Pop 4 battery last?

TECNO POP 4 review: Battery life

With heavy use, the battery still gave me 2 days of use. With moderate use, I got 4 days out of it. You read that right – 4 days. So, a 5000mAh battery in a 3G phone produces superb battery life.

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