Question: How Do I Get Local Channels On My LG Smart TV??

First, connect the coaxial cable from your antenna or cable wall-jack to the back of your TV, as shown below.

  • Press the Home/Smart button on your remote, then navigate to Settings > Quick > Channels > Channel Tuning.
  • Select Auto Tuning.
  • When the scan is complete, click the Done button.

Can I watch live TV on a smart TV?

You can use your smart TV to take advantage of these services and cut the cord, with certain limitations. The biggest reason to maintain a cable or satellite TV subscription is to watch live sporting events. (Some apps, such as, stream live sports, but these services cost extra and don’t include all games.)

Does Hulu live TV work on LG Smart TV?

LG Adds Hulu With Live TV to Its Smart TVs. LG Electronics USA April 10 announced that its smart TVs now include Hulu with Live TV. The updated user interface is available on all 2018 and 2017 LG Smart TVs with webOS, as well as select 2016 models.

How do I watch news on my smart TV?

Read on for the best ways to watch the round-the-clock news without a big channel bundle.

  1. Tune into streaming news networks.
  2. Head overseas for a different perspective.
  3. Roll your own news channel.
  4. Go niche and narrow with
  5. Borrow a login for a big pay-TV network.
  6. Subscribe to Sling TV.

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