Quick Answer: How Do I Update Netflix On My LG Smart TV??

Now you’ll want to reinstall Netflix on LG smart TV:

  • Click on the Home/Start button on your remote control to bring up the launch bar.
  • On the launch bar, click on “More apps” in the bottom-right corner.
  • Click on the LG Content Store.
  • Click on Premium in the menu on the right.
  • Find the Netflix app and click Install.

Can you add apps to LG Smart TV?

Using the LG App Store. LG’s Smart TVs use the WebOS platform, which includes app management. You can add more apps to your selection via the following steps: Press the Home button on the Remote control.

How do I add apps to my LG Smart TV 2018?

How to add and remove apps on your LG TV

  1. Open LG Content Store. Apps and other media will be found through the LG Content Store, which is found on the home screen in the ribbon menu.
  2. Navigate to the app store.
  3. Browse the app store.
  4. Select an app.
  5. Enter Edit Mode.
  6. Delete unwanted apps.
  7. Confirm deletion.
  8. Exit Edit Mode.

How do I update my apps on my LG?

Update apps

  • From any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Tap Play Store.
  • Tap the Menu key and then tap My Apps.
  • To keep apps updated automatically: Tap Menu > Settings. Select the Auto-update apps check box.
  • Choose one of the following options: Tap Update to update all applications with updates available.

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