Quick Answer: How Do I Turn On Subtitles On My Samsung TV??

Push the “Menu” button on your remote.

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to choose “Setup” menu on your television screen.

Press the down arrow to highlight “Caption Vision”.

Select your desired setting to turn on the closed captioning.28 May 2018

How do you get closed caption on your TV?

For Scientific Atlanta (SA)/Cisco TV Boxes

  • Press Menu or Settings button on remote control once.
  • Scroll down to Caption/Off/On with Mute.
  • Press the left/right arrow to disable or enable.

20 Nov 2017

How do I turn off closed captioning on Samsung Smart TV?

Turn on closed captions on a Samsung smart TV

  1. Turn on your TV and press Menu on your Samsung remote.
  2. Select Accessibility from the General menu.
  3. Toggle on Closed Captions at the top of the screen.
  4. Select Caption Mode to adjust the text type, size and color.

9 May 2019

How do I turn on sap on my Samsung TV?

To enable SAP in the Passport Guide with your remote control:

  • Press the Menu button twice to view the Quick Settings menu.
  • Use the arrow buttons to highlight Play Secondary Audio.
  • Press OK/Select to change the setting to Yes to enable SAP.

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