Quick Answer: Can I Watch HBO Now On My TV??


The HBO NOW app is available on the following devices: Amazon Fire TV.

Samsung Smart TV.

How do I download HBO Go on my smart TV?

To install the HBO GO app on your Samsung TV:

  • Press the Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Use Search to find HBO GO, or navigate to Samsung Apps > Videos > HBO GO > Run Now.

Can I download apps on my smart TV?

One of the best parts of having a smart TV is all of its apps. You can download your favorite social media or TV network’s app or find a new game, for instance. To find apps to install, navigate to Apps and select the app you want.

Can you download HBO app on LG Smart TV?

HBO GO is available on LG Smart TV models 2016 and above with the operating system 3.0 and above. To install the HBO GO app on your LG TV: Visit the LG Content Store. Navigate to “Apps & Games” and search for “HBO GO”

How do I watch HBO now on my smart TV?

Go to the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV and search for HBO NOW. For a list of supported TVs, go to HBO NOW on Samsung TV and choose Compatible devices. Before you can subscribe through Samsung TV, sign in to your Samsung account on your TV (go to Settings > More > System > Samsung Account > Sign In).

How do I put HBO now on my TV?

How to use Chromecast to watch HBO NOW on your TV

  1. Set up Chromecast on your Android or iOS device. To find out how, go to Set up your Chromecast device and choose Android or iPhone & iPad.
  2. Turn on your TV and open HBO NOW.
  3. Start playing a video.
  4. Along the top of the player, tap the Google Cast button. No Cast button?
  5. Choose the device that you want to cast to.

Can I stream HBO on my smart TV?

HBO GO is supported on many, but not all Samsung Smart TVs. If HBO GO is not available on your Samsung TV, you can use a streaming player (such as Roku or Apple TV), a game console, or stream HBO GO to your TV using Chromecast.

How do I get HBO on Hulu on my smart TV?

You can add HBO to your Hulu plan and stream HBO shows, hit movies, comedy specials, documentaries, and more. To subscribe through Hulu, go to hulu.com/HBO.

Stream using the HBO NOW app

  • Do either of the following:
  • Choose Hulu.
  • Log in to your Hulu account.
  • Complete the form to create your HBO NOW account.

How do I get the HBO Now app on my Vizio Smart TV?

It appears that the only way to use HBO NOW on a Vizio TV is to purchase a compatible streaming device. You can use a compatible game console (Xbox or PlayStation), or you can use a streaming TV device from the list, which includes Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

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