Quick Answer: Can I Add Amazon Prime To My Vizio Smart TV??

If you have an older Vizio Smart TV that uses the VIA or VIA+ platform, and it is not already pre-installed, click the “V” button on your remote.

This will take you to the apps menu.

Find Amazon video in one of the categories and select it.

Press and hold OK on your remote until the app is installed.

Why is Amazon Prime not working on my smart TV?

Many streaming issues are caused by problems with your Internet connection or low available bandwidth, and are not related to the Prime Video service. Restarting your device, Internet modem, and router can resolve many intermittent connectivity issues.

Can I add an app to my Vizio Smart TV?

Just as with most Smart TVs, with VIA and VIA+ there is a selection of apps already pre-installed, such Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, , Pandora, and iHeart Radio, but you can add many more apps from the Vizio App Store. Click the “V” button your Vizio TV remote control to get to the apps home menu.

Can I connect my Vizio Smart TV to Alexa?

Today, Vizio announced that owners of select TV models can now control displays with their voices, thanks to a new Amazon Alexa skill. On your Vizio remote, launch Smartcast TV, and then press the up arrow. Click “Extras” on the menu bar that appears, then go to “Voice Settings” and “Pair Display.”

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