Quick Answer: Can I Use Mobile Hotspot For Smart TV??

The Hotspot usually requires more data and, consequently, a more expensive data plan.

For starters, many Hotspots on mobile devices are not compatible with Smart TVs or even Smart TV devices.

The set or set-top may detect the Hotspot connection, but you may not be able to actually connect to it to stream.12 Apr 2016

How can I connect my Smart TV to a WiFi hotspot?

Step 1: Turn on your phone’s hotspot

  • Open your phone’s Settings app.
  • Tap Network & internet Hotspot & tethering.
  • Tap Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • To see or change a hotspot setting, like the name or password, tap it. If needed, first tap Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

How do I connect my mobile hotspot to my TV?

You turn on the wifi hotspot on your cell phone and you get the name of the hotspot and a password for the hotspot. Then you go to your tv setting area for network, wifi. Scan the network and you should see the name of the hotspot of the cell phone. Log in with the password and you are done.16 Oct 2017

Can I use my phone Internet on my TV?

Nearly all smartphones and tablets can plug into an HDMI-ready TV. One cable end plugs into your phone or tablet while the other plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Once connected, whatever you display on your phone will also show up on your TV. Top reason to connect: It’s super simple—just one cable to connect.

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