Question: How Do I Connect My MacBook Air To My Samsung TV??

Insert one end of your HDMI cable into an open HDMI port on your Samsung HDTV.

Remember which port you used.

Insert the plug on the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter into your MacBook Air’s Thunderbolt port.

You can omit this step if you have a MacBook Pro with an HDMI port.

Can you screen mirror from MacBook to Samsung TV?

With AirBeamTV’s app for Samsung TV, you can watch anything from your computer on your television screen! Here is how it works: Make sure that your Samsung TV is on the same local network and same subnet as your Mac. The TV should not be in screen mirroring mode, but just on “TV” Mode or any HDMI IN port.

How do I mirror my Mac to my TV?

Use video mirroring

  • Make sure that your external display is powered on and connected to your Mac.
  • Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, click Displays, then select the Arrangement tab.
  • Make sure that the Mirror Displays checkbox is selected.

How do I connect my MacBook to my Smart TV?

Connect your Mac to your TV. Connect one end of the video cable (or an adapter, if necessary) to the computer’s Thunderbolt port , HDMI port, or DVI port , then connect the other end of the cable to the TV’s video input port.

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