Quick Answer: How Do I Connect My Directv To My Smart TV??

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DirecTV receiver.

Connect the other end to one of the HDMI inputs on the Samsung television.

Turn on your television.

Use your television’s remote control to change the input to match the connector you chose.

Can you get the directv app on a smart TV?

DirecTV Now is now a native app on 2017, 2018 Samsung smart TVs. New local channels are also added to the streaming service. If you already own one of these TVs or don’t see the app, you can easily find it by searching for “DIRECTV NOW” in the Samsung TV app store.

How do I connect my directv app to my TV?

Open the DIRECTV app on your mobile device. Tap Browse for TV. From the main menu, select Receiver in the Receiver Control section. This will bring up a list of receivers that are connected to your home network and are eligible for control.

How do I watch directv now on my TV?

Set up your TV

  • Connect your TV and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the DIRECTV NOW app on your mobile device.
  • Select the video you want to watch.
  • Tap the home screen and then the Cast icon.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the TV you want to send the cast to.

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