Question: Can I Watch CNN Live??

Stream CNN on Hulu Live TV.

Live streaming of CNN is available through Hulu Live TV.

As with Sling, you can get a 1-week free trial to watch CNN live free of charge.

Can I watch CNN live on Amazon Fire TV?

You can use your Playstation Vue credentials to watch CNN live on the CNNgo website, or while using the CNNgo app on your Amazon Fire TV or mobile device. You can download PlayStation Vue for Amazon Fire TV. Most other streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast are supported.

How can I watch CNN without cable?

Only cable subscribers can live stream from There is a free 10 minute preview on the CNN site. If you want to watch a full program, you’re better off using a streaming service. By watching CNN online instead, you can use a Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV or even a game console like Xbox One to replace your cable box.

Can I watch CNN live on Netflix?

Currently CNN is not available through Netflix or Hulu. In fact, almost no news programming is available on those platforms. In the future, Netflix could partner with CNN or Hulu or Amazon to complete their portfolio but as of today, CNN is not on any streaming platform.

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