How Do I Get CBS On My Samsung Smart TV??

How to install and use the CBS All Access app on Samsung TV

  • Download the CBS All Access app from the app store.
  • Open the app on your Samsung TV.
  • Select Settings from the top right side of the screen.
  • From here you have the option to Sign in Manually or with a code.

Does Samsung Smart TV have CBS app?

CBS All Access, CBS’ digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, today announced the launch of the service on Samsung Smart TVs. Beginning today, Samsung Smart TV users with Tizen models issued in 2015, 2016 and 2017 will be able to stream CBS ALL ACCESS on their device.

Can I get the CBS app on my smart TV?

CBS All Access Now Available On Samsung Smart TVs. Stream full episodes of Primetime, Daytime, and Late Night CBS shows, as well as Classics and CBS All Access original series. Samsung Smart TV owners just got a lot more to stream with the addition of CBS All Access!

Can I watch CBS All Access on my TV?

You can watch CBS Late Night, Prime Time, Day Time, anytime. Shows stream on multiple devices: CBS All Access streams to Roku Players, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick so you watch right on your television. Many of the classic shows are ad-free.

How can I watch CBS on my smart TV?

For instance, you can watch the entire run of shows like Cheers, and every Star Trek series, on CBS All Access.

To watch live television on CBS All Access:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Move your mouse over Live TV.
  3. Click on CBS (Local Station) to watch your local CBS channel, or CBSN (24/7 News) to watch a live feed of CBSN.​

How do I watch live TV on my Samsung Smart TV?

  • Step 1Install Video & TV Cast for Samsung Smart TV (iOS App)
  • Step 2Install the Video & TV Cast Companion App (Samsung App) In the Smart Hub on Your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Step 3Open Your Favorite Video or Movie Website in the Browser.
  • Step 4Wait for Video Link Recognition.
  • Step 5Tap on “Tap Here to Cast”

Can I watch CBS on my Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TV. CBS All Access works on selected Samsung smart TV models from 2015 onward. To add the app, press the Smart Hub button on your Smart Control remote to go to the Samsung Home screen. Once installed, select “Open” to begin streaming TV shows.

What are the best smart TV apps?

10 best Smart TV apps for your Samsung TV

  1. Hulu (US-only)
  2. iPlayer (UK-only)
  3. All 4 (UK-only)
  4. PLEX.
  5. HBO Now (US-only)
  6. .
  7. Spotify / Pandora.
  8. VUDU (US-only) VUDU is another video streaming service, however unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu, it does not offer an all-you-can-eat monthly streaming subscription.

How do I get to Smart Hub on my Samsung TV?

Here’s how to log in to your account on the TV:

  • Press the MENU/123 button on your remote.
  • Select Menu from the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
  • Select Smart Hub.
  • Select Samsung Account.
  • Select Sign In.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Select Sign In again.

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