How Do You Program A Universal Remote To A Samsung TV??

How to program a remote from GE

  • Remove the battery cover and batteries from the GE universal remote.
  • Download the list of codes for your model from the Jasco website.
  • Turn on the device you’re programming (TV, DVD player, DVR, etc.).
  • Hold the SETUP button for four seconds until the indicator light illuminates red.

What is the 4 digit code for a Samsung TV?

4 digit GE codes for TV sets including LCD, Plasma, and Panel TVs

Brand Code
SAMPO 0124 0046 0004 0009 0175 0012
SAMSUNG 0105 0077 0076 0109 0007 0009 0004 0005 0085 0172 0942 0358 0012 0015 0080 0104 0106

239 more rows

Will a universal remote work on Samsung TV?

The Coolux Universal Remote Control was designed for “all Samsung LCD, LED, HDTV, and 3D smart TVs. This will not work with your smart home devices but rather it will replace your Samsung factory remote.10 Feb 2019

How do I make my Samsung remote control my sound bar?

Controlling the Soundbar

  1. Press and hold the Sound button on the soundbar remote for more than 5 seconds while the soundbar is turned on.
  2. Continue holding until “ON – TV REMOTE” appears on the display.
  3. Enter the settings menu of your TV.
  4. Select Sound.
  5. Select Sound Output.
  6. Select [Samsung] HW-K550.
  7. Select Close.

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