Question: Can I Play A PowerPoint On My TV??

You can play your PowerPoint anywhere—from the small screen of a mobile device to the wide screen of a TV.

If you’re aiming for the latter, connect directly from your TV to your PC through an HDMI cable.

Go through your presentation slide by slide by controlling your TV deck as you would on your computer.

Can I cast a PowerPoint presentation?

Before you load up your PowerPoint slides, you’ll have to start mirroring your device’s display. Head to the Chromecast app’s side navigation menu, then select “Cast Screen,” and choose your Chromecast from the popup.

How do I project a PowerPoint presentation?

To configure Microsoft PowerPoint to work with a projector in presentation mode, follow these steps: Open PowerPoint and select Slide Show from the menu at the top, then select the Set Up Show option. If you are on a laptop, press the Fn key and F8 key simultaneously to enable your laptop’s secondary video output.

How do you make a PowerPoint presentation full screen on TV?

Select “Slide Show” from the ribbon menu, and then select “Set Up Slide Show.” Tick the box labeled “Presented By A Speaker” or “Browsed At A Kiosk” to force the presentation to run in full-screen mode. Click or tap “OK” to confirm.

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