Question: How Do You Change The Batteries In A Samsung Smart TV Remote??

Follow these steps to change the batteries in your remote:

  • Turn your remote control over and remove the battery cover.
  • Take out the old batteries.
  • Insert two new AA batteries and close the battery cover.
  • Press and hold any button.
  • Press the GUIDE or MENU button on your remote to return to enjoying DIRECTV.

How do I press on my Samsung TV without the remote?

In order to press “ok” without a remote, I had to hold the “menu” button on the right side of the TV, and while holding press both volume buttons at the same time.

Where are the buttons on Samsung Smart TV?

The power button on almost all models of Samsung televisions is on the front of the set, in the center, just below the screen. The button is usually in the top-right or top-left corner of the remote control.

How do I adjust the volume on my Samsung remote?


  1. Turn on your TV. You can turn on your TV by pressing the button with the red circle with a line through the top.
  2. Locate the volume switch. There are several models of the Samsung Smart Remote.
  3. Press the + button to increase the volume.
  4. Press the – button to decrease the volume.
  5. Press MUTE to temporarily disable sound.

Why does my Samsung remote control not work?

When the remote isn’t working, it could be due to dead batteries, the IR sensor on the remote is failing, or the remote sensor on the device (TV, Soundbar, Blu-player, etc) is failing. Let us help you determine the problem. Remove the batteries and then press and hold the Power button for 8 seconds to reset the remote.

How do I reset my Samsung Smart Remote?

1 While the TV is On, press and hold the EXIT button on the Samsung remote control for 12 seconds. The standby light should blink the entire time without interruption. 2 The Factory Reset screen displays a warning message. Select OK to reset the TV.

Photo in the article by “Pixabay”