Quick Answer: How Do I Download HBO Go On My Samsung Smart TV??

To install the HBO GO app on your Samsung TV:

  • Press the Smart Hub button on your Samsung TV remote.
  • Use Search to find HBO GO, or navigate to Samsung Apps > Videos > HBO GO > Run Now.

Can I watch HBO now on my TV?

Yes. The HBO NOW app is available on the following devices: Amazon Fire TV. Samsung Smart TV.

Can’t sign into HBO now on Samsung Smart TV?

Troubleshoot HBO NOW on Samsung Smart TV

  1. Step 1: Update HBO NOW. See if there’s an app update for HBO NOW. Here’s how:
  2. Step 2: Restart your Samsung TV. Turn off your Samsung TV. Wait a moment and turn your TV back on.
  3. Step 3: Update your Samsung TV. Update your Samsung TV firmware. Here’s how:
  4. Step 4: Delete and reinstall HBO NOW. Open the Smart Hub.

How do I install fuboTV on my Samsung Smart TV?

  • Go to the Apps screen on your TV.
  • Select the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to search for fuboTV.
  • Once the app is located, select Install to download the fuboTV app on your Smart TV.
  • Once the download is complete, select Open to launch the fuboTV app then sign in to start streaming.

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