Question: What Channel Is WWE Network On??

WWE Network (Canada)

WWE Network
Bell TV Channel 1446 (HD)
Shaw Direct Channel 617 / 117 (HD)
Cogeco Channel 427 (SD) Channel 858 (HD)

19 more rows

How do I get WWE Network on my LG TV?

To use your LG TV with your WWE Network subscription:

  • Go to the LG Smart World Store.
  • In the search bar enter “WWE Network”
  • Select the app and click “Install”
  • After the app downloads, select “Launch”

How can I watch WWE Network on my TV?


  1. Press the Voice Search button on your Amazon Fire remote and say “WWE Network” a.
  2. Select the WWE app and download it.
  3. After it is downloaded, select WWE.
  4. Select Sign In.
  5. Enter your WWE Network Username.
  6. Select Submit.
  7. Enter your WWE Network Password.
  8. Select Submit.

Can you get WWE Network on Nintendo switch?

One big snub is the fact that the WWE Network is not available on the Wii U system at all. You can download the app for the network on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 right now. The Xbox One app will be available later in the year. Not to mention there are other devices you can watch the WWE Network on as well.

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