Can I Add Directv Now To My Samsung Smart TV??

DirecTV Now is now a native app on 2017, 2018 Samsung smart TVs.

New local channels are also added to the streaming service.

If you’ve got a Samsung smart TV from the 2017 or 2018 model years, you can now download DirecTV Now as a native app.

Also: DirecTV Now has added a slew of new local affiliates to its roster.

How do I download directv on my Samsung Smart TV?

Open the browser app on Samsung smart TV, and go to Log in using your credentials, and enjoy ‘DIRECTTV NOW’ on Samsung TV! Connect your PC/Laptop to Samsung TV using HDMI, and duplicate PC/Laptop’s screen on Samsung TV. Open any browser on PC/Laptop and start streaming DIRECTV on Samsung TV.

How do I connect my Samsung Smart TV to directv?

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DirecTV receiver. Connect the other end to one of the HDMI inputs on the Samsung television. Turn on your television. Use your television’s remote control to change the input to match the connector you chose.

Can I watch directv on my smart TV?

As such the DirecTV app is only on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, which also block streaming to TV. As such there is no DirecTV app that can be used to watch on a TV itself.

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