Quick Answer: How Do I Add Directv App To Samsung Smart TV??

Open the browser app on Samsung smart TV, and go to www.directvnow.com.

Log in using your credentials, and enjoy ‘DIRECTTV NOW’ on Samsung TV!

Connect your PC/Laptop to Samsung TV using HDMI, and duplicate PC/Laptop’s screen on Samsung TV.

Open any browser on PC/Laptop and start streaming DIRECTV on Samsung TV.8 Jan 2017

How do I get directv now on my TV?

Learn how to set up and watch DIRECTV NOW on your Fire TV, Cube, or other Amazon streaming device.


  • Go to DIRECTV NOW from the Amazon appstore.
  • Select Get to install DIRECTV NOW on your TV.
  • Select Open to launch the app.

What is the best device for directv now?

Best Streaming Devices 2019

  1. Best Overall. Roku Streaming Stick+
  2. Best Value. Google Chromecast (3rd Generation)
  3. Best Voice Control. Amazon Fire TV Cube.
  4. Best Android TV Player. Nvidia Shield.
  5. Best for Apple Users. Apple TV 4K.

1 May 2019

Do I need a smart TV for directv now?

You can watch DirecTV Now on nearly any device that has an internet connection and can stream video. Many smart TVs now have that capability but if you have an older television, you can use a streaming attachment (like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Google Chromecast) to give it internet capabilities.30 Apr 2019

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