Question: How Do I Block Channels On My Samsung TV??

Select Block by Channel > Add or Remove Channels.

To lock or unlock channels:

  • Press the Menu button on your remote control.
  • Select Settings.
  • Highlight System and press OK/Select.
  • Select Parental/Purchase.
  • Enter your Parental Controls PIN.
  • Select Parental Preferences.

Can I delete channels on my TV?

Deleting channels on your TV. If you want to delete Auto Tuning set channels, you can add/delete channels in the Channel Edit. Please note: If you switch channel with up/down button, it doesn’t show the deleted channel. However, if you press the channel number, it will show the deleted channel.

Can you delete Freeview channels?

Delete many unwanted channels on your Humax as follows: Go to ‘Menu > Settings > Edit Channels’. Highlight ‘Edit Channel List’ and press OK. Scroll to a channel that you want to delete and press OK to tick the channel.

How do I get rid of TV+ on my Samsung TV?

To remove TV Plus from your TV’s Home screen, use your remote to navigate to TV Plus, select the down arrow, and then select Remove > Remove. To add it back, select Source > Add to Home. On 2018 models, the TV Plus app is removed once all channels are removed.

How do you change channels on a Samsung Smart TV?

How do I tune digital channels on my Samsung television?

  1. Press the MENU button [ ] on your remote control.
  2. Scroll down to Auto Store and press the ENTER button [ ].
  3. Select Antenna type and press the ENTER button [ ].
  4. Select the antenna type that you are using (Air or Cable) and press the ENTER button [ ].
  5. Select Channel Source and press the ENTER button [ ].

How do I block Youtube channels on my Samsung Smart TV?

From the Watch Page

  • Tap More at the top of the video.
  • Tap Block.
  • In the dialog box that appears, select Block this video, or select Block this channel to block the channel associated with the video.
  • Tap Block again.
  • Enter the numbers you see written on the screen, or enter your custom passcode.

How do I hide channels on DSTV?

Hide or Remove Channels from Your Guide

  1. Press MENU on your remote control.
  2. Press the down arrow button to highlight Settings.
  3. Highlight Guide, and press OK.
  4. Highlight Customize Guide, and press OK. Note:
  5. Use the up and down arrow buttons or CH/PG to go through the list of channels. You can do the following:
  6. To save your settings, highlight Save, and press OK.

How do you hide channels on DISH?

This setting allows you to enable HD channel viewing only, removing the duplicate SD channel from your guide.

  • Press the MENU button.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Guide.
  • Select Hide Duplicate SD Channels.

Why has my TV lost channels?

If channels are still missing you may need to clear the memory of your digital box before retuning. Turn on the equipment again and retune without the aerial; your box or TV won’t find any channels. Turn off the equipment again and plug the aerial back in.

How do I close the apps on my Samsung TV?

Follow these steps to close running apps on your Android TV™:

  1. On your supplied remote control, press and hold the HOME button.
  2. Press the left or right arrow button to highlight the app. View picture of highlighted app.
  3. Press the down arrow button to highlight X (Dismiss) icon.
  4. Press the Enter button.

How do you reset Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Reset the Smart Hub

  • Exit the Smart Hub. You cannot reset the Smart Hub if it is in use.
  • Press the Menu button on your remote.
  • Navigate to and select the Smart Hub section of the main menu.
  • Select Smart Hub Reset. This will remove all downloaded apps!
  • Enter your PIN and press Enter.
  • Select Smart Hub.
  • Try Netflix again.

How do I delete Netflix from my Samsung Smart TV?


  1. Press the Home button on the remote. The home button is the button that resembles the outline of a house on your remote.
  2. Select Apps. It’s the icon that has four squares on the far-left side of the bottom row of the Smart Hub.
  3. Select Settings. .
  4. Select the Netflix app.
  5. Select Delete.
  6. Select Delete again.

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