Quick Answer: Can You Connect A Computer To A Vizio Smart TV??

How to Use a Vizio TV As a PC Monitor.

Computer users who want to increase the size of the viewing screen can do so by using a Vizio television as a computer monitor.

You can use a VGA cable or an HDMI cable to make the connection.

A VGA cable can be used to connect a computer to a television.

How do I cast my computer to my Vizio Smart TV?

  • Open the VIZIO SmartCast App on you Smart Phone or Tablet.
  • Tap on the menu button. From there scroll down and tap on Setup a New Device.
  • Follow the setup prompts. After you complete the setup your device will be paired to the HTD or HDTV.

How do I cast from my laptop to my Vizio TV?

on your laptop. Add the Cast extension from the Chrome Web Store. Opens a New Window. Click the Cast button in the Chrome browser and select your VIZIO SmartCast™ device.

Can I connect my PC to my TV wirelessly?

Sewell Direct’s Wireless PC to TV Converter connects to any PC, video game console or other VGA source with the included cable. Connect the receiver to your TV via video/audio cables. In addition, this unit can be utilized as a wired VGA to TV converter box with S-video, RGB and composite outputs.

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