How Can I Restrict YouTube On My TV??

Here’s a look at how to do it on the mobile app:

  • Open your app and sign in.
  • Tap your profile icon to go into your Account.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Tap Restricted Mode Filtering.
  • Hit the close button to confirm the setting.
  • Pull down on the list of videos to refresh the feed.

2 Jan 2018

Can you put parental controls on a smart TV?

Parental controls: Like PCs and smartphones, smart TVs let you set up parental controls to stop children seeing what they shouldn’t. Some also let you set up user accounts for children of different ages, and secure the set with a PIN so your child can’t download lots of pay-as-you-go content and run up a huge bill.24 May 2018

How do you unlock apps on Samsung Smart TV?

How to lock/unlock Apps on Samsung TV?

  1. 1 From the Home screen, navigate to and select APPS.
  2. 2 Select Settings (Gear Icon) on the top right of the screen. Please note:
  3. 3 Select Lock/Unlock for the App that you want to lock or unlock.
  4. 4 Enter your TV PIN and then select Done.
  5. 5 To unlock the App, repeat steps 4 and 5.

12 Dec 2018

Can I put parental controls on app?

Go to .com and sign in to the account your child uses for . Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen, then click on the Restricted Mode button. Click On to enable Restricted Mode, then click Save to save your settings. Enable Restricted Mode on all the devices your child uses.29 Aug 2017