When To Call Your Electrician

professional electricianSome homeowners like to tackle most of the do-it-yourself projects in their house, including some of the electrical repairs and simple installations. They know how to replace a light switch, install a ceiling fan or perform some basic wiring jobs. They also know that dabbling in electricity can be a real safety hazard. Home electrical systems cause around 55,000 fires a year costing billions of dollars in property damage. If you are unsure what you’re doing when tackling an electrical repair, you’re better off calling a professional electrician. Depending on where you are across the States this will be different for you, as we don’t cover the whole US. But we know a handy firm who will get the job done right! If you want to find out more, then be sure to head over to, for more information about their services and call-out coverage.

Electricity Precautions

Always assume overhead wires are live and could kill you.

Leave fallen wires alone and let the utility company handle the repairs.

Never operate electrical equipment in or near standing water.

Turn off any electricity to an appliance or fixture before cleaning or repairing the item.

Do not attempt to repair electrical devices without training.

Circuit Breakers

Many safety features are built into your electrical system to shut off the power at the first sign of anything wrong. If you notice power outages in part of the house but not the entire house, you probably have a tripped circuit breaker. Find the main breaker panel (usually in the garage, basement or utility closet) and find the breaker that is off. It is a good idea, if your circuit breaker panel isn’t labeled to label the circuit breakers by turning them off one by one and seeing what appliance or part of the house is connected to each circuit breaker.

Once you switch the circuit breaker back on, be aware if it shuts off again. This is an indication that something isn’t right. This also may be the sign, you need to call a professional electrician.

Appliances can cause the circuit breakers to switch off if there are too many high wattage items running at the same time. Your professional electrician can install a separate circuit for these appliances.

Faulty Outlets

electrical repairsIf an electrical outlet isn’t working, make sure a wall switch isn’t hindering it from doing so. If it is not part of a tripped circuit breaker, the outlet itself may be burned out. If you notice any signs of blackening in the outlet plug, you need to have the plug replaced to avoid the possibility of a fire. Don’t use the outlet, even if one of the plugs appears to be fine.

Sparks sometimes appear in an outlet when the power is quickly diverted away. This is normal and doesn’t mean there is a problem. On the other hand, if an outlet gets too hot, it can melt the insulation of the wires. As the wires become exposed a serious spark can occur. This is a short circuit that can cause an electrical fire.

Exposure to water can also cause an outlet to spark and short out. Make sure you have a special outlet known as a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) installed in all your outlets that are in areas exposed to moisture.

Faulty Lights

Make sure you use the correct bulb in all your lighting fixtures. If you find your frequently changing your light bulbs, it could be they get burnout because the wattage is higher in the bulb than the fixture can handle. Recessed lights will also turn off if they have a built-in mechanism to prevent overheating. The wrong bulbs may cause these lights to go off until the unit cools down. If the bulbs are the right ones, it could be insulation touching the fixture causing it too get too hot.

Flickering lights are usually a sign there is a poor connection somewhere in the line. Your professional electrician can help locate the break and repair it.

Calling Your Professional Electrician

If you aren’t the person who is asking, “Can I do this myself?” you may be glad to have an electrician who can help you repair your electrical problems. Your professional electrician at Rose Brothers and Sons Electric is here to help you no matter how big or small the job is. When it comes to safety and electrical repairs, they are just a phone call away.