Voltage Dips and Electrical Surges

Voltage Dips and Electrical Surges

Voltage dips occur when many homes in an area draw power at the same time, such as high noon when everybody runs their air conditioning units on high. Flickering lights can be a sign that you’re experiencing a dip in voltage. although voltage dips aren’t too much to be concerned about, it can be an inconvenience, especially when it cuts off the power to your house.

Voltage Surges:

The most severe type of power-interference is called the voltage surge. These are able to start outside or inside the house, and this temporary surge in voltage can cause extreme damage to your personal electronic components such as entertainment centers, computers, television sets, training gear, stereo systems, mobile devices, and more. Call an electrician in Northern Kentucky if you’re experiencing more surges than usual.

The Solution: Surge Protection.

There are 2 different types of surge protectors currently available . The surge suppressor and the surge arrestor. As the name suggests, the surge arrestor is installed near or on the service panel to the house and offers protection from power surges up to 20,000 volts. This is equivalent to a strike of lightning.

Surge Suppressor:

Surge Suppressors were designed to protect common household appliances and electronic devices from excessive surges in voltage. These types of surges happen frequently in houses throughout the course of any given day. Many factors contribute to the this. The city switches power from one part of the grid to another to respond to supply and demand, and energy is constantly being diverted in the home from voltage left over from electric devices being turned on and off.

Over time, these power surges can have a negative effect on the wiring insulation. This causes the devices to break down or stop working altogether. To protect your expensive electronic gadgets and devices, plug them into a surge protector so they don’t get fried by a voltage surge.

Surge Arrestors:

To obtain the ultimate in protection, you can purchase a surge arrestor, which can protects against voltage surges to 20,000 volts. Surge arrestors kick in when suppressors leave off, and they were designed to protect the parts of the home such as the outlets, switches, breaker box, and more. High-quality suppressors protect to 330 volts, and arrestors begin at 600 volts and protect to 20,000.

Hiring a Professional Electrician in NKY:

Surge arrestors that were designed for the home should only be installed by a licensed professional. Today, there are a multitude of arrestor makes and models available. There are numerous factors to consider when determining the correct surge arrestor to install. Be sure to speak to a professional about choosing the correct model for your home.