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What Should Be in Every Homeowner’s Toolbox

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There are certain tools that every homeowner should be in possession of, but where do you start when putting together your toolbox? Many people can often be overwhelmed when they first purchase a home as to what tools are necessary to keep everything in working order. Rose Brothers & Sons Inc. serving Northern Kentucky, southern Indiana, and Greater Cincinnati provides you with tips for choosing the right tools for your toolbox.

Necessary Tools for Every Homeowner

  • Claw Hammer– This tool is used for driving in nails, as well as levering them out.
  • Adjustable Wrench– This tool can be used for many tasks, since its jaws are adjustable for nuts and bolts of various sizes.
  • Locking Pliers– This tool also had adjustable jaws and is used for gripping nuts, pipes, and fixtures.
  • Combination Pliers– This tool can be used to turn, hold, or pull out various types of nails.
  • Flashlight– This tool is necessary for seeing in various dark areas.
  • FlatHead Screwdrivers– This tool allows you to deal with slot-headed screws.
  • CrossHeaded Screwdrivers– This tool allows you to deal with cross-headed screws.
  • Utility Knife– This knife is used for precision, as well as general cutting purposes.
  • Tape Measure– This tool is essential for providing you with accurate measurements.
  • A Variety of Hardware– It is essential to keep a large selection of various nails and screws so that you always have a large range of choices available to you.
  • Level– This tool provides you with vertical and horizontal guide lines when positioning various items.
  • Dust Masks, Safety Glasses, and Work Gloves– These are all necessary to keep you safe when working. Dust masks while prevent you from inhaling substance when sanding or sawing. Safety glasses will protect your eyes from substances and debris as well. Work gloves are necessary when handling various materials or using certain tools.
  • Calculator– This is necessary when calculating measurements.
  • Cordless Drill– This tool is necessary for various tasks.
  • Step Stool– This can provide you with a good platform to reach elevated surfaces for different tasks.
  • Extension Cord– This allows you to move a power supply outside of your home or to places that may not be near a power source.

Professional Help in Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Greater Cincinnati

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