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How to Use Lighting to Keep Your Home Safe

home with exterior lighting

When you think of home security, you may think of alarms, door locks, and guard dogs. But, Rose Brothers & Sons Inc. recommends including lighting in your home security plans.

Keep Your Family and Visitors Safe

Exterior lighting is a must when you are entering your home at night or having company over. To keep everyone safe on their way in, install landscape lighting along the walkway to light the way to your front door. Up-lights in trees can also provide light to make walking safer. Be sure the lighting is properly spaced to avoid having areas of darkness. A front porch light is not only welcoming to guests, it also illuminates steps to prevent falling.

If you have overnight guests who are unfamiliar with the layout of your home, or little ones who wander at night, have nightlights available in the hallways and bathrooms to allow them to safely get where they’re going. If you don’t want them on all night, find nightlights that turn on when motion is detected.

Turn on outdoor lights and leave at least one or two indoor lights on before you leave if you will be returning after dark, both for security and personal safety.

Keep Unwanted Visitors Out

Keeping unwanted visitors from entering your yard or home is just as important as making sure your invited guests feel welcome and safe.

Flood lights – Flood lights provide bright light that illuminates the outside of your home. Space flood lights out to ensure there aren’t dark patches where thieves could hide. It is better to have several lights strategically placed with lower wattage than one or two extremely bright ones.

Flood lights with motion sensors are more effective than those that are turned on with a switch. They won’t frustrate your neighbors by being on all the time, and will alert you if someone enters your yard when they suddenly flash on.

Be sure to install flood lights high enough that bulbs can’t be removed and motion sensors can’t be tampered with. If a motion sensor is tilted toward the sky, it will no longer sense motion on the ground.

Flood lights work best when you are home or if you have neighbors nearby. If a thief knows you aren’t home and no one else is around to see them, flood lights will actually just light their way to your house.

Light sensors – Sensors on landscape lighting and porch lights will help ensure your home is lit up outside at night even if you aren’t home to turn them on. Timers can also be set on outdoor lights to make them come on and turn off at specific hours. If you decide to forgo a sensor or timer and just leave your outdoor lights on all night, use LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption and the need to replace bulbs as frequently.

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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

fall home maintenance checklistAs fall approaches, homeowners need to think about getting out their fall home maintenance checklist and begin preparing for the next season. Rose Brothers and Sons Electric wishes to provide this simple fall home maintenance checklist so you can prepare your home and property for the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. This checklist will ensure your home is safe, energy efficient and ready for the months to come.

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Inspect the gutters for debris. Fall is the time gutters can get clogged. If you have this problem in Toronto just search clogged drain Toronto to find plumbers who can help.
  • Plan to drain outdoor faucets and winterize your sprinkler system.
  • If you have a chimney, now is a good time to have your chimney cleaned and ready for the first chilly night.
  • Maintain your HVAC system.
  • Drain the water heater and remove build up
  • Test electrical outlets & GFCI outlets
  • Test carbon monoxide and smoke alarms
  • Inspect for drafts and winterize windows and doors
  • Prepare for winter storms with necessary supplies

Professional Electrical Inspections

If you need an electrical inspection, Rose Brothers & Sons Electric can help. It is our goal to educate commercial and residential customers while protecting families and businesses from preventable risks. Our experienced team of master electricians can assist you with your fall home maintenance checklist.

We have the expertise and knowledge to address any electrical project you have. For questions about proper maintenance of your electrical system or to request our services, call Rose Brothers & Sons Electric today! We will be happy to help!


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